How To Win The Web
Jonathan Rodriguez
July 30, 2021

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What does it mean to win the web? It means what you do to ensure that your website is successful and gives you the results that you intended to have it give you. There are millions upon millions of websites out on the web, but only a few are successful and accomplish what they were created to do. 

With so many websites, how do you make yours stand out? Fortunately, in today’s digital world, there are small tweaks you can do on your website to ensure that it ranks favorably on the web. Many algorithms exist, and once you understand how they work, you can cater to them to use them to your advantage. 

Why Must Your Website Win The Web?

Think about it like this. Say you just opened up a lemonade stand as your business. You want it to be successful, but then you see that 20 other people have opened up their lemonade stand. Since you all sell the same product essentially, how do you make yours stand out? You might give customers a small incentive every time they buy your lemonade. You might start promoting it in different places. These little things slowly help to set your lemonade stand apart from the others. This is where winning over the audience comes into play. Once people start learning about your lemonade stand via your posters and word of mouth, then that becomes free marketing for you. 

With winning the web, you are working to optimize your website to drive traffic and rank favorably on search engines. As I mentioned before, there are millions of websites out there and there is a very high chance that some of those websites are similar to yours. To make them stand out, you have to do some website optimization that will help its rankings on search engines and get organic traffic to it. 

Without utilizing a strategy and having one in the first place, you might not have a website that is performing to expectations. A website isn’t gonna give you results if the only plan you had in mind was creating it and letting it draw in traffic. That is not how a website works and is more in-depth than that. 

Tips To Win The Web

Now that we’ve gone over what is important for you to win the web, let’s give you some tips that you can begin using today to optimize your website and position your business to stand out among your competitors. Keep in mind that these are tips and are not just a magic answer that will automatically shoot up your website rankings to number 1. Instead, these are a combination of tweaks and advantages for your website that can benefit it in the long run. 

Use The Right Keywords

When it comes to SEO for your website to win the web, keywords play a big role that. Using the right keywords can raise your search engine rankings a bit higher than where they were before. This means that people can have an earlier time finding your website. Research keywords that people use to find websites like use and start implementing them on your website. Don’t overdo it though and just plaster your keywords all over the website. Rather, strategically place them on certain pages on your website so that search engines don’t penalize your website for using too many keywords. Your goal is to win the web, not lose it.

Write Blogs

Another factor search engines take into consideration is the content on the website. Not just images and graphics though, it also takes into account the written content on your website. This means articles and blogs can up your ranking on search engines which is all the better considering that most websites want to be pushed towards their audience. Every time you write audio or blog, search engines will look at your website more favorably. To best take advantage of written content, be sure to write it for your audience. In other words, make sure what your writing is something they find value in. Don’t write about cars if your website is all about cooking. 

Market Your Website

One of the more important tips requires you to develop a plan to market your website to help win the web. This means directing people back to your website with CTAs. On your social media posts, for example, you can promote your website by saying “Visit our website to learn more.” These small CTAs can help drive organic traffic to your website, which increases the opportunity for conversions. Just like any good product, your website can benefit from being marketed on your platforms. 

Assess Your Website Analytics

Website analytics can give you a lot of insight into the performance of your website. Things like what page visitors frequent the most, what blog is getting the most amount of time being read, and how long are they staying on your website. With this kind of information, you can tweak your website, write certain blogs, and implement ideas that are working onto different pages on your website. Don’t just use analytics to see things. Instead, assess them and find ways to improve your website using the information you see. 

Utilize Internal Links

When it comes to linking, many people think about attaching links to their websites that take people to different websites. This is mainly done as a source of more information on a certain topic. Internal linking though, involves you linking to other pages on your website. Internal linking is important to search engines as it helps them index your pages as having quality content. Of course, this means that you can experience a jump in your search engine rankings. 

There are a lot of different ways you can take advantage of search engines and their algorithms. You just need to understand them to best utilize them to improve your website not just for yourself but for your users.

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Optimize Your Website

Don’t let your website not reach its full potential and just be another one that failed to win the web Instead, try to find ways to improve, and hopefully, you can reap the benefits from the exposure it can achieve on search engines and your social media platforms. 

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