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Pricing FAQ

Branding Packages

Branding packages include logos, the Wundertre rulebook, and other
Services that help boost brand awareness.

Icons showing computer, vector elements, and Rulebook. All branding tools for successful business growth.

Logo Design $1000

3 initial concepts, unlimited revisions to completion.

Logo Animation & Chime $1500

2 initial concepts, unlimited revisions, we work until
it’s right

Brand Guidelines $1500

Building a professional guideline for how to
use your logo and everything around it

Rulebook $1500

A Wundertre official rulebook on how we’ve
assessed your businesses strengths.

Branding FAQ’s

How long does it take to get a logo made?

On average, it takes 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish. It all depends on the number of revisions and how quickly you, the client, get us feedback/approvals.

What are the files I’ll receive for my logo?

Great question! Once we get your final approval on the design, we’ll send over a .zip folder with your logo in Black, White, and Color variants, a layout that works best for circle/square mediums, and one for rectangles, with send over the .png, .jpg, and .ai files. Between all of these filetypes, color options, and layout choices, you should have the version of your logo you’ll need for whatever project you’re trying to accomplish!

Brand Archetypes? Buyer Personas? Tell me more about this Rulebook you speak of.

For sure! You can learn more about it here.

My current logo is something I already love. Can you make brand guidelines for it?

Yes! If you already have a logo and a colorway you’re happy with, we can take it and add the supporting elements and documentation around it to form a strict set of Brand Guidelines.

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Pricing FAQ

Marketing Packages

Engage your customers like never before with our expert marketing team
Guiding you in the direction you want to go!

Marketing icons such as megaphone, social media on phone, and analytics chart

StoryTeller – $2500/mo (plus tax)

Content & Engagement – 15 hours/month
Strategy – 3 hours/month
2 Analytics Boards powered by Databox
Dedicated Account Manager

StoryBound – $5000/mo (plus tax)

Content & Engagement – 35 hours/month
Strategy – 7 hours/month
5 Analytics Boards per by Databox
Dedicated Account Manager
Early Access To New Service Offerings

StoryWeaver – $10,000/mo (plus tax)

Content & Engagement – 45 hours/month
Strategy – 15 hours/month
10 Analytics Boards powered by Databox
Dedicated Account Manager
Early Access To New Service Offerings
Senior Level Wundertre Team Only

Marketing FAQ’s

What is Content & Engagement Time?

“Content & Engagement” time can be defined as:
Any time used in the development, creation, editing, publishing, and distribution of content or engaging with others on social media or other direct outreach. Examples of deliverables that fall within “Content & Engagement” are…
Video/Audio/Photo Pre-Productions, Production, Post-Production
Social Media Posts & Engagement
Survey Creation & Distribution
Lead Magnets
Graphics (Flyers, Banners, Swag, Packaging)

What is Strategy Time?

“Strategy” time can be defined as:
Any time used to plan, review, or strategize marketing campaigns and collateral. Examples of deliverables that fall within “Strategy” are…
Meetings (Both Internal & External)
Analytics Reviews
Content Planning (i.e., Mapping out what content is needed)
Market Research
Event Planning

Dedicated Account Manager? What does that mean exactly?

Our marketing packages are designed in a way that allows us to adjust to your needs and goals on a monthly basis. Leading the charge on strategizing and managing the project is an Account Manager who is dedicated to your success. The Account Manager serves as your main point of contact at Wundertre.

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Pricing FAQ

Production Packages

Boost your brand presence with wundertre’s video and audio equipment! Wanting
to start a podcast, shoot a commercial? We’ve got you covered.

Icons showing video production equipment

Video & Audio $1250 + $150/hr

Quoted on a per-case basis

Production FAQ’s

Can you do video podcasts?

Yes! We can do video podcasts with multiple camera angles.

Can you do TV Commercials?

At the moment, we only offer made-for web content.

Do you film videos in 4K?

Yes, the equipment we use is 4K capable. Most content we make is 4K. We do use 1080p when necessary, though.

Can you do livestreams?

Livestreams are something we hope to offer in the near future. For now, though, any content we make is pre-recorded.

Do you plan, film, and edit videos/podcasts.

Yes, we can do any or all of those things, depending on what you need for your project. Most projects see us taking care of all through phases, though. 

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Pricing FAQ

Web Packages

Web hosting, design and other web services to get you online and ready to
Get your business rolling. Custom functionality quoted on a per case basis.

Icons showing eCommerce, Responsive Website, Fast & Secure Hosting Graphic.

Website Build  $5000

Comes with 10 hours of content development/creation
time and 5 pages.

Add eCommerce  $1000

Includes core eCommerce pages & functionality with
USPS, Flat Rate or Free shipping, and Stripe, PayPal, or
Square payment processing. Product uploads are
handled by the client.

Extra Pages $500/per page

Building a professional guideline for how to
use your logo and everything around it

Extra Content Development $150/hr

Including travel time, this service is specifically to
add to the content development side of your website.

Web FAQ’s

How long does it take to build a website?

The short answer is it depends. The long answer is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the full scope of work. Single-Page landing pages can typically be built in 3 weeks.

How do you all know what to put on the website?

We’re wizards. Really though, we start the process out with a meeting between us and whoever needs to be included from your team. From there, we take what we talked about with you and pair that with market research and years of experience. That leads to a finished product that meets your needs and elevates your business.

What platform is my website built on? 

We use the WordPress CMS for 98% of our website builds. Why? Because it’s the most popular CMS in the world for a reason. Ease of use, customization, extendability and integrations make it the best choice for most of our clients.

Are the websites you build custom-designed?

Yes, our strategists and designers work together, along with your feedback, to create a design that is unique and true to your business.

Who owns the rights to the website?

The client does! It may be our brainchild, but it’s your website. Once we build it, we host it, but should you ever choose to part ways with us; then the website can be transferred to a different hosting provider. We make it easy!

Will my website rank on page 1 of Google?

We never make any guarantees when it comes to the powers that be at Google. We can say that we build the website with SEO best practices in mind. But that’s just a start. SEO is a long-term play, and if getting on page 1 of Google is your main goal in life, we strongly recommend pairing a website with one of our marketing packages to give you the best shot of making that goal happen. Again though, no guarantees.

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Pricing FAQ

Pricing FAQ’s

How does the pricing for a website work? Do I owe it all at once? Are there monthly fees?

Pricing for websites starts at $5000 for a 5-page website and goes up from there based on the number of extra pages and/or functionality needed. On projects greater that $5000, the cost of the build can be split into 2 equal payments paid out at project start and project end. Once the site is built, it costs $50/month for us to host the website on our lightning-fast, super-secure US-based hosting.

What type of payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, ACH payments, or good ‘ole fashioned paper checks. We do not add any extra fees if you decide to pay with a card. It’s 2022, and no one should do that.

Is there a discount if I pay for the project in full?

If you’d like to pay the full year-worth of a marketing plan in full, we offer a 5% – 10% discount depending on the project. We do not offer discounts for being paid in full for Website, Branding or Studio projects because they are always due in full.

Sales tax on my bill? WTF?

Yep, we know it sounds weird to pay sales tax on business services like what we offer, but it’s a thing here in the great State of Texas. Unless you’re a tax-exempt organization and regardless of where you are located in the US, we are required to charge 6.6% sales tax on a majority of our service offerings. Please Note: All of our prices on the website are exclusive of tax.

What does it mean by “Tools and ads are extra” for marketing packages?

While not always necessary, there may be certain software tools or ad platforms that will need to be a part of your marketing in order to reach your goals. In those cases, any cost of the tools or the money for the ad spend is separate outside of the price you pay us.

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