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Strategic  Services


The Rulebook

What type of brand are you building? Who is your VIP customer and how do you communicate with them? Gain clarity on how to build your brand with our Rulebook service.

$500 One-Time

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Marketing Services


Full-Service Marketing

What are your marketing dollars going to? What is it actually doing? Are people finding you online? Are you meeting your goals? Answer all these questions and more with a new way to do marketing. We call it Inbound Marketing. It’s trackable, easily changeable, and proven to work.


Having a good foundation to build on is important. We start all our inbound marketing relationships off with a deep dive into understanding your business and your customers. From these deep dives we then build a strategy to achieve your goals.


Every month we pull back the veil on everything. We have nothing to hide because we love to know what’s actually happening with your marketing and you should too. We break down all the little nerdy stuff into plain english.


Nothing is sacred other than helping you reach your goals. With each we review everything. We tweak what needs it and double down on the stuff that is working.

Starting at $3,500 a month

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Other Services

Website Design

Your website is the hub for your business on the internet. We help you by designing a great website that puts your best foot forward and also helps you stand out from the crowd. A WunderTRE designed website is not only the best looking it’s also secure and robust with layers of protection and backups.

Starting at $2,000 up-front & $50/month

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Logo Design

Our logo design process will help your brand’s values get noticed and be remembered. We create logos that have deep meaning and purpose to you. At the end of our process you will have your logo in all the different formats you will need and have a guideline of how to use your logo properly.

Starting at $500

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