3 Big Things Blogs Can Do For Your Company
Jonathan Rodriguez
August 5, 2021

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Written content plays a key role in marketing and branding for many companies. Blogging helps your company come off across as knowledgeable to your target audience, and it helps bolster your SEO on your website. As a company, you may think having a website is all you need to establish your online presence, which is far from the truth.

Blogs, when used correctly and with the right content, can generate more brand awareness around your company, which means more customers, and more sales. While blogs are different from other forms of marketing content such as graphics and print files, they still can be utilized effectively. 

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Blogging For Business

Blogs tend to conjure up the image of somebody creating a daily blog documenting their lives, recipes, and other small details. While those aforementioned 3 are prime examples of blogs, there is also a more business-oriented blog, which begs the question: what is blogging for business? 

Blogging for business is a way of blogging that provides value to your audience. Instead of just blogging about random topics that in no way benefit your audience, you write about topics that provide them with useful information that they find value in. For example, if you are a business that deals in collectible items, you can write about “how to keep your collectibles clean and damage-free.” Your audience will find value in the content and try and see if your tips can work for them. 

To be successful in blogging for your business you have to know who you are writing to. If you don’t, then you risk coming off as inexperienced in your industry, which can put off potential new customers, and decrease the trust with your current ones. Be knowledgeable and make sure that your writing and other pieces of written content reflect that.

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The 3 Things  

Of course, blogging provides your business with many benefits, but we have pointed out 3 that can greatly impact it. These 3 things can elevate your company’s status in your industry and can set you apart from your competitors. Below are the 3 things blogs can do for your company that have a positive impact. 

Establishes Your Business As An Industry Leader

Establishing credibility in your industry is a key driving factor in getting people to join your business. One of the biggest parts of establishing credibility is by showing off your knowledge of your industry and the products/services that you provide. How can you go about doing that? 

That is where blogs can be of great benefit in helping you get your voice across to an audience to let them know that they can trust you. If you are a company that is primarily involved in a services industry, then you must establish your credibility for people to know that they can rely on your business for your service. A great example is our client Meers Pest Solutions. Their blogs provide very informative information regarding their services as well as the pests that work to protect against. This not only shows that they are well-versed in their industry, but that they are a credible source for pest treatment. Because of their demonstrated expertise, their target audience might look into purchasing their services. 

Helps Pull Your Relevant Content Up On Search Engines

The algorithms of search engines work similarly across the board. The main thing that people associate with search engines is their rankings. These rankings are how people can learn about different businesses as they type in a few keywords into search engines, and then those search engines bring up websites that it deems as the most relevant. Written content plays a key role in helping search engines index website pages. This is when having a pretty good blog can help get your website in the face of potential new customers. 

With written content that people find value in, they are likely to search for it via search engines. You experience that whenever you are craving some food such as Italian. From there, you can just type into a search engine “Italian restaurants near me” and it will bring up the closest and best Italian restaurants near you. Writing about issues that people most commonly try to find solutions for can help your website rank higher on search engines. People can learn more about your business and see it as a possible solution to their problems. 

Builds Trust and Strengthens Existing Relationships

Any successful business knows the importance of retaining its customers. Simply selling a product or service once doesn’t ensure long-term success. With blogs, you can build trust among your customers enough so that they feel confident about purchasing goods or services in the future. Blogs not only build trust and confidence that customers have with your business, but they also strengthen existing relationships with your current customers. 

Existing relationships need to be nurtured and cared for so that those customers remain loyal to your business over a long period of time. A good way to nurture that continued loyalty is through blogs. Your blogs and the content within them can help keep your customers up-to-date with current trends in the industry, as well as being aware of new announcements from your company. 

Blogs Can Elevate Your Company

These 3 things can help elevate your company’s status within the industry. They can push forward your website to potential customers and help strengthen your relationships with your current ones. Don’t neglect your written content. Start a blog today if you haven’t done so, and you can reap the benefits it can bring. 

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