Don’t Let Design Kill Your Brand
Jonathan Rodriguez
August 12, 2021

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Branding design is an all-important part of continued success to ensure that your business stays together and afloat in the long run. Think of the all-time great brands that are always tossed in our faces today. Apple, NFL, Nike, Target. What do they all have in common, they all are almost immediately recognizable by people. Why do you ask? Because of their branding and marketing efforts that’s why.

Yes, branding design is a part of marketing, but without great branding, you might fail to attract audiences to your company. Nobody wants to work with a company whose branding seems to not be well thought out and just created for the sake of creating it. They want to work with someone whose branding they can connect with and is reflective of the work that they do.   

What Are Branding Elements?

Branding doesn’t just involve. Instead, it involves different elements of a brand that help decide if it does work. Branding includes your logo, your colors, tagline, and values/mission! Your brand needs to connect with your target audience, so it doesn’t make sense for your brand to have a mattress on its logo if you are catering towards technology people. 

Branding design elements, when used successfully, can elevate your brand from the bottom to the top. Pay careful attention when designing your brand’s colors and logo as they all are what help people recall your brand. When people think of Target, they think of their target logo as well as the color red. It is instantly recognizable when people see the logo, even without the Target name attached to it. 

Creating a brand that many people can recognize and connect with is another advantage for your business that can separate you from your competitors. When people begin recalling your brand against others, then you know you’ve grasped them. From there you can nurture those leads and hopefully convert them into loyal customers. 

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How To Create a Successful Brand

There are so many parts of a successful brand design that you may not know where to start. Your logo, brand colors, tagline, and values/mission play a role in your branding process that helps to see. Here is how you can successfully create branding elements that fulfill your potential. 

Whether you are creating a new logo or thinking about updating your current one, a logo has to help you send a message to the audience that tells them about you and your brand. A great logo stands out from the rest of your industry and immediately grasps the attention of the viewer. It sends them a message about who your company is and what it does to ensure that they satisfy their customers. While they may be a bit intimidating at designing at first, that isn’t the case if you keep the following things in mind.

You need to make sure to allocate the proper amount of time and effort when creating or updating a logo. Some things to keep in mind to make sure you design a great logo is making it grasping, memorable, scalable, and truly represents your brand’s values. Think about how you want your audience to react when they see your logo. Do you want them to think you are a serious brand that aims to get the job done? Do you want them to feel like they are family whenever they go to you for solutions to their problems? Your logo, when created and used successfully, can catapult you ahead of your competition. 


A logo can provide your brand design with another advantage if you create a tagline that goes with it. A famous example would be Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline. Short and effective, it motivates people to do the work no matter how they are feeling. Nike’s tagline resonates with many athletes and other individuals across the world. It has helped propel them to the top of the sports and fitness shoe category. Many of their competitors are also pretty good, but they don’t have that tagline. 

So, what is a tagline? Well, let’s understand what exactly it is. A tagline is a shortened version of your brand’s mission statement. A great tagline provides your customers with another way to connect with your brand. This can help your brand stand out from your competitors as it helps customers connect with you rather than just as a customer. Think of something aspirational and tell your story so that your target audience can connect with it. In time, you can create a tagline that not only sounds amazing but represents your mission and connects with your audience. 

Choosing Brand Colors

Choosing brand design colors might seem like a straightforward process at first glance. All you have to do is choose a color that you like and call it a day right? Technically, yes you can do that, but it probably is not the best route to go about it. Anyone can choose a color for their brand and paste it all over their marketing materials, but only certain people can choose a color that represents them and sends the right message to their audience. 

Have you ever heard of something called color psychology? People have different associations with different colors. For example, people may see the color red and conjure up thoughts of anger and passion. This is in stark contrast to the color yellow which invokes thoughts of happiness and friendliness. That is why it is important to be careful when choosing colors for your brand. Choose colors that are true to who you are as a brand and how you want your brand to come across to your target audience.

Design affects many aspects of your brand. It is up to you, and the people you choose to help you with designing your brand to create a brand that you are proud of and is successful. It tells your audience your message and lets them know who you are as a business. If you are looking for help with your branding or marketing efforts, then contact us here and we can find the best way we can help you.

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