Why Choose WooCommerce For Your Valuable eCommerce Store?
Jonathan Rodriguez
October 29, 2020

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In the last decade, eCommerce has experienced a large growth spurt due largely to everything moving online. Many products are being sold through eCommerce today, and a lot of revenue is being generated from it. Many businesses are deciding to start selling their products online, and many of them are looking to create their eCommerce websites using WordPress. Since WordPress had seen more and more people using their platform for eCommerce, they decided to create their own integrated plugin called WooCommerce, which has helped lead to many new online stores opening their doors.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug-in used for WordPress sites. It is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce plug-ins used today. It is aimed towards small and large online businesses that use WordPress and are looking to create an online store. 

WooCommerce is used to turn your website into an online store by adding eCommerce functionality to it. It is popular with many WordPress users since it is relatively easy to set up, and it can even pair with the existing theme on your website.

Using WooCommerce is easy and can help you get your eCommerce store up and running in no time. Now that you know what WooCommerce is, what are some benefits that come with using it?

Benefits of WooCommerce

WooCommerce comes with many benefits to its users. These benefits are some of the reasons why it is the most used eCommerce plug-in out there today. Here are some of the benefits that WooCommerce can provide for you and your business.


The first and most enticing benefit of WooCommerce is that the plug-in is free! You need to make sure that your website is run through WordPress. Without it, the plug-in will not work. The free price of WooCommerce is important for many new merchants who are thinking about selling their products online for the first time.


WooCommerce comes with many features that are integral to get your online shop up and running out of the gates. WooCommerce enables you to sell anything on your new eCommerce website. Plus, it allows you to expand your website with new features as your business starts to grow. This ensures that you won’t have a website that isn’t ready for growth. 


Since WooCommerce runs on WordPress, it allows for easy SEO. Since WordPress itself is adapted to SEO, it means your WooCommerce is as well. It can use SEO on the products that you will be selling on your website. It does this by using the information and product details you enter. From there, it helps guide users to your website if they are looking for products that you offer.


WooCommerce comes with many themes that are either free or paid. There is a theme for just about any website out there. Another great benefit is that you can also let WooCommerce match your current website’s theme. If you want to switch to another theme, it can be done quickly and easily. 


Another benefit that WooCommerce provides is security. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your website is in safe hands. The development team is always working with security experts to ensure that your website is safe for both you and your customers. Because of this, there are always security updates being released for you to download, which you should absolutely do to make sure your website is up-to-date.


One more benefit that WooCommerces provides is data analytics. Just like any other business, you need to analyze your sales. WooCommerce can simplify the data analysis process by giving you information like the most popular item and total sales in the last month. The data is also easy to read and follow to implement it in your new marketing or sales plan.

As you can see, WooCommerce provides many benefits for your eCommerce stores. You should try using it on your website to see if you experience the same benefits. Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of using WooCommerce, let’s explore its best features.

Best WooCommerce Features

Many features come with using WooCommerce that you use for your eCommerce store. These features are some of the main reasons that it is one of the most used eCommerce platforms today. Here are some of the best features that WooCommerce has to offer.


The customization that WooCommerce allows for your website is amazing. Many features within its customization can help make your website unique and the way that you want it. Things such as editing any part of your website and linking products to other pages allow for almost endless customization options. 

Store Optimization

WooCommerce comes with many options to help optimize your online store. This optimization allows visitors to find your store and browse through your products more easily. Along with this, WooCommerce also provides reports and data regarding the performance of your store and products. From SEO to data analytics, WooCommerce will help optimize your website for the better. 


Being open-source allows for many people to develop extensions that can be used with WooCommerce. Because of this, there are many extensions out there that are available to people who need them. There is an extension out there for anyone that will make running their online store a bit easier. 

Help and Tutorials

Being the most popular and used eCommerce platform means there are many people out there, like you, who are just getting started building an online store. This has led to an active community that is more than ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. Things such as what extensions to use and how-tos are available for you to view. You can also contribute to the community by providing your own solutions to other issues that people may have.


WooCommerce is a great platform that millions of people use to sell their products online. You should definitely look into using it for your eCommerce store, especially if it is your first one. Its many features and benefits combined with simplicity and ease of use make it ideal for online merchants.

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