Does Your Startup Need a Marketing Slogan?
Jonathan Rodriguez
October 27, 2020

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Many brands have a slogan that tells people what they are about and what they represent. It is a part of their brand identity, so they want to make sure it sends people the right message. That is why having a slogan is so important whenever you begin a new startup. Startups need to find ways to stand out and get people to recall their brand.

Difference Between a Tagline and Slogan

Before we dive more into how a slogan can help your business, we need to clear up the difference between a tagline and a slogan. People always seem to confuse the two for each other. The reality is that they are both two different things. 

Taglines and slogans are similar in the sense that they both help in identifying a brand. More specifically, they identify the product or business. Where they start becoming different is how they position a brand in their respective industry. 

Taglines tend to be short and catchy and grab the customer’s attention to encourage them to make a small decision. It is primarily used for driving brand awareness. Think Apple’s tagline, ”Think Different.” 

Slogans tend to send the customer a message about the brand, what it stands for, and how they can help them. They can also mention the company’s mission and values. For that reason, slogans are not just used for promoting brand awareness, but for letting customers know what you can do, provide, and what your mission is.

Slogans and taglines get mixed up with each other all the time, but they are indeed different. They share similarities while still doing just enough to stand apart from each other. Now that you know the difference between a tagline and a slogan, we can learn about the purpose of a slogan.

What Is The Purpose of a Slogan?

The purpose of a slogan is to send and leave a message. This is done to ensure that the customer takes away at least one thing from a marketing content piece. Leaving something that sticks with them can benefit your business. It can lead to customers connecting with your brand. Think about the many slogans you’ve seen and heard that have stuck with you just because you could relate to it.

Take Dollar Shave Club’s slogan, “Shave Time. Shave Money.” This is a slogan that does everything right and is relevant to their customers. The slogan tells its customers that signing up for a subscription will save them time and money compared to buying razors at the store. It has a whimsical take on the common phrase of “save time and money” but can still get its message across. 

Another popular slogan example is or was, as of this year, KFC’s slogan. Their slogan was, for the longest time, “It’s Finger-Lickin’ good!” This quick and short slogan tells the customers exactly what KFC wants them to think about their food. Their food is just that dang good, apparently. Their slogan tries to entice their audience to come by their restaurant and pick up some finger-lickin’ good food. It also lets them know how good they think their food is.

Slogans like the previous two are excellent examples of what a slogan should be. It should be simple, memorable, and all about what your business can provide. You have to grasp the attention of the customer and let them know what you do. So, how do you go about creating a slogan for your brand? Follow the steps below!

Steps to Creating a Slogan for Your Brand

Creating a slogan doesn’t have to be a complex and frustrating process. With a set plan, you can create one while still making it a pleasant experience. Remember that your slogan is going to represent your brand. You don’t want to rush to create one. You will want to take your time so that way you end up with the right one. Here are some steps you should take when creating a slogan for your brand. 

  1. The first step when creating a slogan for your brand is to plan it out. Don’t just jump right into the actionable part of the process first. You can end up with a slogan that is rushed, non-memorable, and non-representative of your product and business. Make sure to keep it simple, memorable; highlight any benefits you provide, and make sure it represents what you are about as a business.
  2. The next step when creating your slogan is to figure out what to pair it with. Associating your slogan with your business is important so that customers will be able to recall and identify your brand. Attaching your slogan to nothing can lead them to not being familiar with your brand. Make sure it is a part of your branding strategy. 
  3. When you start to write your slogan, keep your customers in mind. Your customers will be the ones you are sending your message to, so make sure it is relatable and stick with them. Try to make sure that it grasps their attention so that they may be able to recall something from it. 
  4. Think about what makes your brand different from the others. If you want to make your slogan memorable, it has to stand out from your competitors. If your slogan sounds just like the others, the chances are that the customers will not differentiate your brand. Think about what your brand does that others don’t use it in your slogan.
  5. When creating your slogan, the last step is to make sure it is an honest and authentic representation of your brand. Your slogan will leave an impression on the customer, so you don’t want to leave them with your brand’s wrong impression. Don’t try to over-deliver on your slogan, especially if you can’t back it up. Just keep it simple, honest, and a true representation of your business. 


Slogans are a great tool you can use in your marketing strategy. Take your time when creating a slogan to make it the way you want it to be. Make it where your customers automatically think about your brand and what you provide when people see or hear it. If you need help creating your slogan, check out our marketing packages here to see what we can do for you!

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