What it Means to be A Thought Leader
Jonathan Rodriguez
November 3, 2020

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A thought leader can provide many benefits for a business and industry. They can give you all sorts of helpful information to help your business. Becoming a thought leader, though, is actually quite the challenge. You need the right steps, along with the dedication and responsibility it takes to become a credible leader. Doing this can help you reach the goal of becoming a trusted source of information and reliability in the industry.

What is a Thought Leader?

A thought leader is someone who is not just an expert in the company and/or industry but can also offer the people around them advice and guidance. The advice and insight that they can provide can inspire people to improve and become their best selves. The information they can provide is invaluable as this newfound knowledge can help develop future thought leaders. 

Thought leaders are always known to be thinking ahead on whatever topic they are talking about. While many people are talking about the present, thought leaders are already planning for the future. They can recognize trends and changes in the industry before they even happen. With this insight, they can let other people know about these events and prepare for them.

Having a thought leader in your company can be a great advantage to have as they can become your go-to source for any advice and information. What if you decide that you want you or your business to become a thought leader? You have to learn how to establish yourself or your business as a thought leader.

Ways to Establish Yourself or Business as a Thought Leader

Establishing you or your business as a thought leader isn’t something that can be developed overnight. It would help if you had the experience, credibility, and insight necessary to become one, and even then, you have to be consistent. This leads to the development of leadership status within the organization and possibly even the industry itself. To develop yourself or your business as a thought leader, you need to start planning and take the concrete steps necessary to become valuable guidance and insight sources. You need to learn and listen from others to take that new information and apply it to benefit your business. Here are ways to establish yourself or your business as a thought leader. 


Listening to others is a great way of learning about the industry and expanding knowledge about certain topics. To listen to others, there has to be some humility from whoever needs to listen. Thought leaders don’t have all the answers, so gaining knowledge from anyone is a great way to become more knowledgeable. A humble thought leader can be a great one. 

Create Content

A thought leader should be able to reach out to others through different means. Creating content is one avenue you can go through. By creating content, you can share your insight and advice to many people who can benefit from them. You can create a blog where you share what you know about the industry. You can create guest posts on other websites. Whatever form of content you create, you can share it with others.


Keep learning about your industry as there are always new changes to be on the lookout for. You might be able to find new and more efficient methods that can help streamline your processes. You need to be able to think ahead and be ahead of the game, so make sure you learn and pay attention to others. 

Become an Expert in One Area

Being clear and consistent with what area you specialize in is important to provide good and useful information to others. Trying to focus on too many areas can lead to convoluted and confusing information. You might not become a full expert in one area!  Building credibility is important when becoming a thought leader, so make sure you know which area you want to specialize in and focus on.


Becoming a thought leader is not something that you can become in just a day. You have to take the necessary time and be committed to establishing yourself or your business as one. Putting only 50% of your time into it won’t suffice. When you publish your first blog, don’t expect it to be viewed by hundreds of people. It takes time for people to rely on you as a reliable source of information. Stick with it and give it your all in the beginning. The results can speak for themselves further down the road.

Grow Credibility

To be seen as a thought leader, you need to be considered a credible source of information. You need to have a certain reputation where people don’t see you as someone who doesn’t give the best advice or insight. This is when you have to start growing your credibility. 

Write Articles

As I mentioned before, creating content to help establish yourself as a thought leader helps by growing your credibility. You can start off creating your own blogs and publishing them on your website, but you eventually want to get many people to reach your article. What is the solution? Keep publishing blogs and broaden where they get published. You can start guest publishing to be able to publish on a more credible source eventually. Once your articles are on a website that many people visit for reliable information, then those same people will read your articles and remember you as the person who wrote them.


Networking is an important part of growing credibility. Whether you go with online social networking or in-person networking, the more people you connect with, the better. They will turn towards you for insight and might recommend you to other people they know. 

Work With Other Leaders

Working with other thought, leaders can give you more insight into how they themselves became thought leaders. You can tell them what you’ve been doing, and they might offer you some advice. Reach out to them in any way you can to further develop yourself as a thought leader and gain more credibility. 


Becoming a thought leader for your business can give you an advantage against other businesses in your industry. You can also help other people try to improve themselves or their businesses as well. As you become a more credible thought leader, people will start turning towards you for predictions and answers in the industry.

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