Providing Real and Genuine Content
Jonathan Rodriguez
September 2, 2021

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In today’s digital world, there are a over billion websites and many social media accounts that are created for many businesses. Inside each of them, you can find all sorts of different content. From photos to videos to graphics, there always seems to be plenty of content. With all of this content though, how do you make your online presence stand out? With genuine content that’s how.

With so many websites and social media accounts with similar content, it may be difficult for a company with a new website and online account to stand out and generate traffic. This is where learning about what types of content to display on your website can help you set your website apart from the others. 

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Real Content Is Important For Your Company’s Story 

Text is fine and all, but how much of it can you use until it becomes stale? Think about it. A website filled with nothing but the text does not sound appealing right? This applies very much to tell your company’s story as well. People want to connect with your company, and telling them your story is a great first step to help with that. 

Telling your story through text is fine and all, but it shouldn’t be the only form of content you use when telling it. Website users want to be engaged with your website, so if your story is filled with just text, they might have a harder time staying engaged. That is where you should look into incorporating genuine content from your business.

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What Is Real Genuine Content And What Are Its Benefits? 

A key part of telling your company’s story on your website and social media profiles is by using real content. What exactly is real content though? Real content is the content that you take of your actual company and employees who are a part of it. Stock content can be used, but using them minimally, or none at all, is recommended. Nothing screams generic and forgettable than scrolling through websites and social media profiles and finding them riddled with stock photography and videos. It just isn’t authentic, and that can be detrimental to your company’s online presence. 

Now that you have an idea of what real content is, what are some good examples of it? Real content comes in many forms depending on what you want. You just have to decide what will work best to help you tell your company’s story. Listed below are some good examples of real content as well as the benefits that you can use to help bolster your online presence by telling your audience a good story. 

In-House Photography and Video

In-house photography refers to your company taking pictures of your employees in the office. These photos are not only authentic but help your audience humanize your company. They now know who are the faces that work at your company. Another added plus is that your employees and pictures of the office help bolster your company’s story. 

With video, you can make your social media posts and genuine content on your website more engaging. Things like recording an introduction from your team to each new visitor on your website can help them stay on your website longer, which can result in them converting more. It can also leave users with a good first impression of your company. No matter what you decide to do for creating content, photos and video should never be put on the back burner. 

Photos of Products

Another form of real and genuine content is using real photos of the products you sell. Can you remember a time you visited a website to look for a product only to realize what they are displaying isn’t the product? Likely not, but if you did, then you may quickly mark the website as suspicious or just bad. 

It is important to both your company and its audience to take real photos of your products. You can’t afford to use stock photos in place of real product photos. Not only is it just bad practice, but it can lead to a less than stellar customer experience as they might be feeling that they were deceived. They may feel that the product displayed on the website didn’t look anything like what they received. Real photos are great to build trust with your customers by being transparent with what they will be getting. 

Content Creation

Your online reputation can be improved with enough real content on hand. Instead of just traditional stock photos and videos, which are generic and unmemorable, your photos of your company, team, and products can help paint a positive image of your company. Now, all of the content that you display on your website and social media profiles will be able to tell your story to an audience. Hopefully, your audience will be able to connect with your business, which can lead to a lifelong positive relationship that endures over the years. 

Real and Genuine Content Is a Must 

Having real genuine content can help with your website’s and social media accounts’ performances. Pictures of your actual team, office and products can help determine whether or not users connect with your company. Don’t miss out on potential customers and clients just because you use stock photos and videos! 

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