How To Personalize Your Company Online In A Great Way
Jonathan Rodriguez
September 10, 2021

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Your online presence as a company is more important than you realize. While some companies whose presence is more based on their products can get away from not being too personalized, most companies can benefit from personalization. 

You want your customers to connect with you and your company. A great way to ensure that this can happen is by offering them a more personalized experience with your company. This includes all sorts of factors that you can include on your social media content as well as your website content.

What Factors Can Help Personalize Your Company?

In today’s world where people are becoming wary of businesses that seem to do only what is in their best interest and not the consumer, many businesses look like they are starting to go the more personal route. This is because it helps those customers see the business as more than just a machine that pushes out products and services to people. It sees them as something more human with a face and the work that they do. 

Getting a better understanding of what your business does can help you determine the different ways you can go about personalizing your company. Some of the more common factors include:

  • Sharing your company values
  • Sharing photos of the team/ employee of the month and shoutouts
  • Sharing successful work accomplished
  • Sharing customer reviews and acknowledgments

These factors can all affect how your customers see you, which affects the way they feel about your company. Whether you are posting about those factors on your Facebook profile, or your website, you are no doubt helping cultivate a healthy business-consumer relationship for the long run. Loyal customers not only want to work with a company that pushes out good quality products and services, but they also want to know the people behind the company. This can further enhance that connection that they strive to build with them. 

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Personalizing Your Social Media Presence and Website

Now that you know the factors that impact the online perception of your company, let’s divide them into how to successfully implement them as part of your branding strategy. Let’s get into it! 

Sharing Your Company Values

Your company values are the core of your company. It’s those shared values that resonate within your company amongst your employees. They can resonate with your customers as well. Some customers might realize that they connect with those values so much that they choose to do business with your company rather than a competitor. For example, if you are a marketing agency that strives on working with small businesses, your values might be in line with some small businesses since you may share some of their values. 

Sharing Photos of The Team 

A key part of personalizing your company online is through the usage of authentic photos of your team. Whether that be from a simple group photoshoot or just a shoutout for someone who is an employee of the month, you can never really go wrong with photos of the team. On your social media accounts, you might give a shoutout to certain team members who went above and beyond with their services. On your website, your photos can help tell your company’s story to prospective customers. They can get a behind-the-scenes look at your team working and paint a more realistic picture of your company for themselves. Knowing who is behind the company as well as how you recognize them, can share a positive image on your online presence. 

Sharing Successful Work You’ve Done 

Sharing the successful work that you’ve done for your customers is quick and efficient to not only market your products or services, but show your reliability to potential new customers. Customers want to know that they can trust a company with handling their issues. If they see that many other customers are satisfied with your company’s work, then they might have more trust in your company going forward. This trust goes a long way in ensuring brand loyalty with your customers. 

Sharing Customer Reviews

This one works hand in hand with sharing the successful work your company has accomplished. In social media posts, when showing work you’ve done for a customer, you can also tag a quote from their review. Think of it like extra ammo to back up your successful work. Sharing customer reviews show that you appreciate them and tells others that what you offer works. This can set you apart from other companies who claim that they do great work but don’t have the customer reviews and testimonials to back up those claims. Share those customer reviews on your social media accounts and website to make the most use of them.

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Personalization = More Trust 

Making your company more personable helps bolster your company’s online presence. People who were on the fence about doing business with your company might be more inclined to work with you if they see all of the ways you connect with them. Take the extra time that is necessary to make your company more personalized to better connect with your audience. 

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