How To Build Strong Relationships With Online Customers
Jonathan Rodriguez
September 17, 2021

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Today’s online world provides businesses with another different avenue to connect with their online customers. It can be tricky to build those relationships with them online, though, but it is not impossible. It can be a pretty simple process as long as you know how to do it. 

Customers, whether online or offline, are the lifeblood of many businesses. Without having meaningful relationships with them, you might not be nurturing brand loyalty. Managing your online presence is a significant first step in ensuring that your brand is right there. 

Why Should You Build Relationships With Online Customers?

Online customers are essential, especially in today’s digital age. It seems like most people are doing their shopping online to find different products. Long gone are the days where people flock to malls and stores in large numbers. Yes, the occasional store is still popular to shop in, as in the case of clothing stores. Nothing beats the convenience of trying on clothes right then and there rather than ordering online. The online clothing store experience is purchasing an item online and hoping it fits, or you have to return it.

Your online customers can make up a massive portion of your customer base, depending on what type of store you are running. For example, you might have more of an online customer base if you sell customizable items online. On the other hand, a boutique might have a larger physical customer base that visits a physical location. In this case, you must build relationships with your online customers. So, how do you create those online relationships? 

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Building Online Customer Relationships 

Building relationships with your online customers is a bit different than with customers you can physically interact with. The only difference, of course, is that your customers are online. This is where it helps to be somewhat social media savvy. It helps to have social media accounts for your business to connect with your customers. 

Follow Your Customers Back

A simple but effective way to build online relationships with your customers is by following them back when they follow your business’s online accounts. For example, say your company has an Instagram account, and you notice that a few people have followed the account. You should follow them back as it sets sort of a significant first step in building your relationship with them. It tells those customers that you know who they are and that by following them, you value them as important customers. Plus, it gives you some extra footing for the next steps. 

Responding On Social Media

Something businesses fail to do online is responding to their customers’ comments. Think about the many times you’ve seen people reference a company just not to have any sort of response. This can be detrimental to small businesses as it seems that customers are not being heard. Conducting some social media monitoring can help you discover some comments from your customer. If your customers have a question about something, reply to them with a solid answer. IF they leave you positive feedback about your business, then take some time to send them a thank you for leaving a positive review. 

Engage With Trending Topics 

Sometimes, it helps your company to engage with trending topics that are relevant to your brand. Why do you ask? Well, the people discussing those trending topics might be interested in your company. They just don’t know who you are…yet. Be proactive, and start engaging within those trending topics. From there, some people might like what you are saying and offering, and they might be inclined to learn more about you. And thus, a new online relationship has been created. 

Ask For Feedback on Social Media 

A crucial part of getting credibility and connecting with your online customers is asking them for feedback on your business. With these reviews, you can show other people who are potentially interested in your business some reviews to help them be more comfortable and confident with dealing with your business. Another benefit is that asking customers for feedback tells them how much you value their opinions. Whether they are existing customers or new customers, feedback on your social media can help your company. 

Connect With Your Online Customers

Building relationships with your customers online is another great way to nurture brand loyalty over time. Some businesses might neglect their online customers, which means they may be missing out on a big opportunity. Monitor your social media accounts and your website to ensure that you are still connecting with your customers.  

Here at WunderTRE, we strive to connect with all our customers using the aforementioned tips. We hope they help you with your customer relationships as well.

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