How To Add Exceptional Value To Your Website
Jonathan Rodriguez
August 27, 2021

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A website has a purpose to convert leads into loyal customers. If a website fails to drive conversions, then it may be seen as disappointing to your company since you put a lot of time and effort into creating this nice website, but it’s just not producing results.

So, what can help drive those results? You have to begin looking into adding value to your website to take full advantage of it. What is valuable to your customers? It depends on what they would like to see from your company. 


What Adds Value To Your Website?

Fortunately, there are many different ways for you to add value to your website. But what exactly is the value that your customers are looking for? It ranges from certain different things. It can be photos of your team on the job, boosting SEO, using various calls-to-action on different pages, the story of your work, and your company. 

All of the aforementioned factors play a big part in adding value to your website. People want to connect with your business through the shared values or the fact that they have a problem that you can resolve based on the resources and other assets you display on your website.

More background factors, such as boosting SEO, can help boost your website rankings and reach out to your possible audience. Although they are not a value that is readily available appearance-wise, it is also important to work on your website from the background. Some people find websites due to how relevant they are to their problems. 

Ways To Add Value 

Now that we’ve learned what are things that add value to your website, let’s dive a bit deeper into how they add value to it. The following factors are all multi-faceted as they help your website in many different ways. 

Boosting SEO 

SEO is an important factor in getting your website in front of people. There have been many websites created that have the appearance of success, but because they lack the SEO factor, they are never really visited and just left to perish in time. Boosting SEO is very multifaceted as it usually breaks down. 

A key factor of SEO is the creation of blogs. Blogs, when used correctly, can provide valuable information to an audience. If someone has a problem that your blog addresses, then they are more likely to read the blog. Depending on the keywords you use and the meta description you provide, your website will also be ranked favorably on search engines. With this boost in rankings, many people who are looking for what your business provides will find your website, which also means the potential of driving conversions. 

Using In-House Photography

Ever browsed through a website that is just filled with stock images? They seem pretty, for the lack of a better term, dull right? You know too well that those photos are not genuine photos of the business or their clients. This leaves that website browsing experience pretty forgettable and nothing special. If you do want to add value to your website, then you should look into taking photos of your real team, your real customers, and your real products! 

People on your website find value in real genuine photos that are not just stock photos. They can connect with your business in that way when they see all the different ways you have helped other businesses. They can also view your business in a more human way when they see the faces of the people that work there. If you take photos of your products and put them on your website, then people can get a better idea of what they are buying. With in-house photography, your website can have photos that both you and your audience will be proud of. 

Talking About Your Company’s Story

A great way of providing value to customers as well as connecting with them is by telling them your company story. A company’s store is an important part of a company’s image and helps relate to customers. Having it written on your website brings your story to life and can help show your customers that the services or products you provide are worth buying. 

A good example of a great company story is from a client of ours. West Texas Beard Co, whose website you can find here, has a great company story as it helps them connect their products with their customers. Their story also aligns with their West Texas feel, which is great considering their name. They have a product named after their daughter and the beginnings of their company were humble and very relatable. It’s a company’s story like this that customers can really connect with and remember in their buyer’s journey.

Those are 3 things that can add value to your website. All of them work to help your website provide value to your website visitors, without them, your website might not be operating at its full potential. 

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Providing Value is Important

Adding value to your website is important if you want customers to learn more about your business to increase their chances of converting. Driving conversions is a key purpose of a website. Without providing value, you might be leaving potential opportunities on the table. 

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