How to Optimize Your Blogs
Jonathan Rodriguez
December 10, 2020

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So, you’ve started to write your own blogs for your website. You learned how to publish them on your website and now you wait for the readers to start coming in. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! You’ll see weeks go by with only 6 or 7 visitors. “What gives,” you ask? 

Simply writing and publishing blogs is not going to get people to flock to them for information. You need to optimize your blogs so that way they can reach people who are looking for them. This is where SEO plays a huge factor. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is how you drive more quality traffic to your website through organic searches. The goal here is to increase organic traffic to your website for possible conversions. While gaining more traffic is beneficial, the quality of the traffic is more important as you want to attract people who need what you offer and can benefit from your content. 

Search engine optimization is accomplished by designing your website to be more SEO-friendly. Making your website more SEO-friendly increases the chances of your website ranking higher than others in search engines. One of the ways you can go about improving your search engine ranking is through blogging. 

How Does Blogging Help SEO?

Blogging helps your SEO strategy by making your website rank higher by providing valuable information to your readers. The better the content and structure of your blog, the more likely that it reaches the readers that you are targeting. From there, those readers can recommend your blog to other people they know would benefit from your content.

Readers like a blog that is easy to read and understand. If your blog is all over the place and lacks structure, those readers will likely not find the blog useful. That is why your blog should be written with SEO in mind. 

Tips to Start Your SEO Blog Strategy

To make your blog optimized for SEO, you should have an SEO blog strategy. Fortunately, starting one isn’t a difficult process. Here are some tips to help you start your SEO blog strategy. 

Research and Use Keywords That Your Target Audience Uses 

Researching keywords that your target audience uses can help you write content that is relevant to them. From this perspective, you know what keywords your target audience use when typing into search engines. Knowing where to implement those keywords in your blog is just as important. 

Simply writing a blog filled with those keywords can actually do more harm to your search engine ranking than good. Make sure to write a blog around the keywords, not simply using them for the sake of having them there. 

Use The Meta Description

One of the more important aspects of optimizing SEO on your blog is by making sure that you use most or all the space available in your meta description. A meta description helps describe and summarize what your blog is about to readers. It is the text that you usually see under website links after you’ve typed in words in a search engine box. They help you decide whether the content on that page or blog is relevant to what you searched for. That is why it is important that you utilize most of the space in your meta description. The limit of a meta description is around 275-300 characters so be sure to use as much of it as you can.

Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly 

If your blog isn’t optimized for a mobile experience, then you may want to address and correct that as soon as you can. Google, the most widely used search engine, tends to favor mobile websites over desktop websites. It displays mobile-friendly websites first in search results over other websites. This means that if your blogs and website aren’t mobile-friendly, then Google might keep them away from your target audience. 

If you are writing a blog that is referencing content that you already wrote about in another blog, then you should link to it. Using internal links in your blogs helps to validate the credibility of the other content on your website. It tells search engines that your other content is a reliable and valid source of information. This will help keep visitors reading your blog to stay on your website while promoting SEO on your other content. 

Update Current Blogs

One of the simpler ways you can go about search engine optimization for your blogs is by updating your current ones. In this case, you can perform what is essentially an audit of all the blogs you currently have. You may find that some of them just need a bit of “facelift” or may benefit from being rewritten. Your main focus when rewriting or updating your current blogs should be making them more SEO-friendly. 

As you are auditing your blogs, you may also come across some that are outdated and do not have information that provides value. These are blogs that you may consider removing from your website altogether as no one will benefit from them. Look through your blogs today to see which ones to keep and update, and which ones to remove.  

Use Social Media

Social media is commonly used as a tool to promote your business, but you should try promoting specific blogs with it as well. Some of your blogs may benefit from being promoted through social media accounts. Every time you write and release a blog, you should create a social media post for it to get people to read it. You can include a little teaser in this post to encourage readers who might be grasped from it to go to your website and read the entire blog.


Using SEO methods for your blogs may be just what you need for your website to reach more people. Creating an SEO strategy can help make that process easier. Hopefully, with the tips that we have recommended for you, SEO for your blogs will lead to beneficial results for your website as a whole. If you are looking for more help with SEO, then contact us here.

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