How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?
Jonathan Rodriguez
December 8, 2020

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After you create your first website, normally you think that is the last work that you need to do for it. After all, your customers like your website, and so do you! There eventually comes a time though, where maybe you do need to consider redesigning your website. 

Perhaps your website’s pages are loading slowly? Maybe it starts crashing constantly? Whatever those reasons are, it is important that as you are growing, that your website is performing at an acceptable level, doesn’t have any security issues, and provides a great user experience.

Website Maintenance Should Be Ongoing

Redesigning your website should not be the only time you seriously work on it. Your website should be able to handle the daily traffic that comes into it and should also be responsive. To ensure that this consistent performance keeps, you need to have constant ongoing website maintenance. 

Website maintenance is an important part of any website to ensure that they continue being responsive and secure. With ongoing maintenance, there may be many bugs and security risks present to any user who visits your website. A user wants to have peace of mind knowing that no personal information is stolen by a hacker or a bug from your website. 

One of the most important parts of website maintenance is security. Security updates and patches, such as on WordPress, help keep your website safe and secure from hackers. If you neglect to update and patch your website, this increases the chances of fraudulent and hacker activity occurring on it. 

Another important reason that you should have ongoing website maintenance is to keep providing the best user experience. As your website continues to stay up and running, there is always the possibility that it will develop a bug or error. With consistent maintenance, you can detect these issues and start working to resolve them. The maintenance will help to ensure that your website continues to provide that good consistent user experience. 

While ongoing website maintenance is important to ensure that your website performs at an acceptable level, it is not the end-all solution. As your business continues to grow and more leads continue to visit your website, you may encounter some issues that maintenance itself cannot solve. This is where it may be time to start redesigning your website.

Reasons to Redesign Your Website

There are many reasons for you to redesign your website. Maybe it just needs a new appearance to drive in more traffic? Perhaps you and your visitors are experiencing some rather annoying page not loading errors. 

Whatever those reasons are, maybe redesigning your website can be the solution you are looking for. Here are some common reasons that might mean it is time to redesign your website. 

Website Does Not Look Appealing 

This is where it is important to see your website from the visitor’s point of view. Sure, your website may look great to you since you designed it, but the visitor might not find it as appealing. An unappealing website can lead to many visitors clicking out of your website after just a first glance at one of your pages. Redesigning your website to look more attractive and appealing can be the solution that you are looking for.

Website Is Not Working As Well As Before

As your business continues to grow, your website might start seeing much more traffic than it used to have. You might have designed your website to only handle a certain number of visitors at once. A visitor limitation can lead to issues and errors to start occurring more frequently the more visitors that it has. This can lead to it eventually experiencing the dreaded page not loading message.

In this worst-case scenario, visitors cannot access the website since it will not even load! Maintenance can only do so much until the issue requires more coding and website development to be involved. Working with your website development team can help you figure out what parts of the website need to be redesigned to be more adaptable to this growth. 

Your Website Is Taking Much Longer to Process Orders 

As part of the user experience, users will want to be able to add items to their carts and check out quickly. If a user has to wait many long seconds before they click the checkout button, then chances are that they leave the website with a bad taste in their mouth. This is bad for your business as you not only lose a possible conversion, but they may also leave a negative review of your website. This can lead to other visitors not giving your website a chance. 

If It is Not Up to Par With Other Websites In Your Industry

Whether you like it or not, you sometimes might have to make sure your website is at least at the same level as your competitors. If other websites in your industry are more modern and sleek looking and your website looks like it hasn’t been redesigned in the last couple of years, then potential leads might head to their website instead of yours.

If your website is missing certain features that your competitors already have, then you are just a step behind. Being a step behind in the industry can make or break your website. Make sure your website is redesigned to have the latest features and plugins that way it can hold its own among others in your industry. 

There are many other reasons for you to redesign your website, but these are some of the more common and important ones. If you think any of these reasons apply to your current website, then maybe you should consider redesigning it.

Improve Your Business!

Redesigning your website can improve your business! It will help your website handle any sort of sudden growth and improve its functionality and user experience. Don’t fall behind your competitors. Take the time to evaluate your website and see if it is time for a redesign. If your business is ready for a redesign, get started with us today!

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