Preparing To Market Your Best Holiday Deals
Jonathan Rodriguez
October 13, 2021

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The holiday season is almost upon us! That means that many businesses will start having special holiday-only promotions and deals. To prepare for your holiday deals, you will need to start preparing ahead of time to reap the benefits fully. The most important thing you will need is a solid plan detailing how you intend to market your deal/promotions. You would be surprised how many companies go into the holiday season without a clear-cut idea of how to sell their deals, which leads to disappointing sales than they were expecting.

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Before Your Deals Begin 

Preparing to market your holiday deals is a significant and essential step in setting your business for holiday success. You can’t just start a sale and expect a lot of people to know about it. You have to market those deals properly to gain traction with your customers. With enough of a heads up, people will become more excited about the products on sale as the deals near. As a result, you will likely generate more sales when the deals begin than if you had just started a contract without any marketing beforehand. 

Now that you know the importance of marketing for your holiday deals, below are some ways that can help you prepare to market them. 

Collecting Emails

The best way to start marketing your holiday deals is by building up your email subscriber base, as these people are likely to buy from you year-round, so it makes sense not to neglect them during the festive season. However, before you can promote any deals or offers via email, you first have to gather contact details about your customers, which can be done through website forms that ask users to register with their email addresses to access particular resources. By filling out all online forms that offer this option, potential buyers provide themselves with a simple way to receive promotional emails from retailers and online stores – and the more forms they fill out, the higher their chances of being contacted by marketing companies.

Creating A Newsletter

Creating an email newsletter to send out to your list of customers a couple of days before the deals start will remind them that the sale is coming up and may entice them to purchase so they do not miss out. The newsletter should include details about the deal, such as when it will start, how long it will last, and what items will be included in your promotion. Then, as the start date for your deals draws closer, you can begin sending out a weekly newsletter to generate more interest in them. 

Marketing Your Deals On Social Media

Once you have an idea of what your deals will look like, you can make an announcement post on your social media profiles. In this announcement, you can detail which products will be on sale and when those sales will begin. After the initial announcement, you need to make sure that you continue to remind your customers of these fantastic deals by frequently posting about them up to when they start. You can create posts offering “countdown deals” to help build up the hype for the holiday deals. You can also remind your customers when the sales will start as the date draws closer. 

Using Your Website For Marketing

Of course, one’s website or online store is perhaps the best place to market holiday deals. After all, customers trust your website already because they have made a purchase on it in the past. However, marketing your holiday deals successfully requires your website to function as you will likely have more traffic on it than any other time of the year as many people try to take advantage of your deals.

Creating A Landing Page On Your Site

If you are hosting an online sale, you should create a landing page on your site that will allow customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Ensure that your landing pages contain all the information mentioned earlier in your promotional materials in your emails and social media posts. If applicable, you should also include detailed product descriptions, multiple professional photos, and any relevant sizing charts or measurement guides. The more information potential buyers have available about the products being sold during this promotion, the more likely they will purchase. You also need to include an order button so customers can place their orders instantly instead of having to complete a contact form or email you separately after finding what they want on your website.

Keep Your Customers Updated Throughout Your Deals

Once you have started your sales event and your customers are aware of a big promotion, you need to make sure that they remain updated as much as possible throughout this event. People don’t like to feel forgotten about, so sending an email every week or two informing them of what’s new can help keep people interested. You could also provide subscribers with special offers through email just before the sale ends, as it will encourage them to buy with the time that is left. 

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Preparation Can Set Your Business Up For Success

Like most things in life, preparing to market your deals beforehand can set them up for success. The holidays are an excellent time for you to have sales as many people are looking for the best deals to buy gifts for their family and friends. If you need some help with marketing during the holidays, then contact us on our website. We want to make sure that you and your business are set up for success during the holiday season. 

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