Top Marketing Strategies For Black Friday That Can Boost Business
Jonathan Rodriguez
November 5, 2021

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Marketing strategies are essential if you want to have a successful consumer-driven business. This holds especially true when you want to market deals and promotions you have going on. Of course, since it is November, then you know Black Friday is coming up. So, that begs the question. What marketing strategies should you use for marketing products and services for Black Friday? Today’s post will discuss some of the most effective marketing techniques used to successfully generate leads during this particular period known as “Black Friday.” 


Ways To Market Black Friday Deals

The following list discusses proven methods that can be applied towards achieving maximum results from any given audience targeted through these approaches: 


Search engine optimization is critical for generating more traffic on an eCommerce site. Without organic search, users will not find a particular website unless they know about it directly or were referred by another website. Marketing your website is vital because it will help increase the volume of traffic that can be obtained quickly, resulting in higher conversion rates on each page visit. Furthermore, SEO enables you to stay at the top of search rankings for relevant keywords and phrases related directly to what people are looking for when they go online shopping during this time. Using these tactics will provide consumers with an effective way to find companies that offer Black Friday deals within their respective niches. Therefore, they do not waste time searching through irrelevant websites or spammy offers. Instead, users should only see legitimate advertisements before visiting a particular site’s landing pages, where all potential discounts can be found online. 


Geographical location fencing allows advertisers (businesses) to target consumers interested in their products or services by using specific life, work, and play data. Marketing professionals can use geo-location tools that provide demographic information for a particular area of interest (such as people who like yoga within the State of New York). This is extremely important because it enables marketers and advertisers to include hyperlinks on ads that will redirect users directly onto pages with content related to what they were searching for. This results in positive user experiences while keeping them engaged long enough on your website’s landing page(s), so there is less chance for visitors bouncing off (leaving your site without making a purchase) before seeing any given offer! 

When marketing Black Friday deals, it would be ideal to display advertisements based on the user’s location to see what is available in their area. Marketing professionals should include geo-fencing tools directly within Google Adwords and other networks to ensure ads are displayed only towards users who have an interest related to Black Friday deals. This will result in more leads generated during that specific time frame due to increased exposure of your page(s) or site through highly focused ad campaigns that target relevant keywords (and phrases). 

Social Proof Marketing

Social proof marketing is all about leveraging third-party endorsements from individuals or groups by using their logos as social signals of quality assurance. Marketing experts use these tactics because it helps increase brand awareness while providing companies with reputable endorsements where trust does not have to be established. In other words, social proof marketing is all about showing consumers that you are credible enough for them to do business with.

Marketing professionals must incorporate social proofs into landing pages that offer Black Friday deals because it will help increase conversions (the number of users who go through the purchasing process) by displaying positive signs towards your brand’s reliability, validity, and popularity amongst peers. As a result, website visitors become more interested in what you have to offer if they see others like their friends or colleagues who trust certain brands/companies before making a purchase decision. Marketing professionals can use social proof tactics by including logos of companies within the same industry to show their trustworthiness when it comes to offering products or services that are beneficial for both short and long-term benefits. 

User-Generated Content

Social media is all about sharing ideas, content, and experiences with your friends, family members, and peers regarding what you enjoy doing together, which also includes purchasing items online through landing pages using coupons/discounts provided where a purchase has been made during this time frame. Therefore, marketing experts must focus on highlighting user-generated content (UGC) surrounding specific brands or businesses because it shows how people feel about different products offered from those particular websites; UGC is important because consumers want to see other real people who have purchased certain goods or services and said positive things about their experience which can then be shared across other social channels for further exposure. 

Marketing professionals should include UGC on landing pages that offer Black Friday deals so potential customers know what to expect if they follow the same path as others who have used coupons/discount codes before making a purchase decision online. This also impacts Cyber Monday because it provides people with more reasons to buy products using promotional codes within those specific time frames rather than any other time of year. Why? Because increased marketing campaigns surround these holidays, consumer confidence when browsing through ads & articles is dedicated to saving money offline (in-store) by spending less while shopping at least once per week.

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Exciting Deals = Great Opportunity 

Black Friday is an exciting time for customers as it is usually the best opportunity for them to score great deals on the products they love. This is where your company can capitalize on their interest for great deals. Market your products ahead of time while using the aforementioned marketing strategies if you want to be in the best position to have a great holiday season

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