The Best Use of Video On Your Website
Jonathan Rodriguez
April 29, 2021

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Today’s websites are filled with all sorts of content. This content can range from blogs to pictures. One of the best types of content that can be used on your website today though is videos. Videos have become more widespread on websites because of advancements in technology. 

With these advancements, you can now start recording your own professional videos anytime and anywhere. This has led to websites implementing all types of video content as they are engaging more so than pictures. Of course with any type of content, you should make sure to not just go all in and start pasting videos all over your website. Instead, you should try and find the best use of video on your website. 

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Types Of Website Videos

There are many different types of videos out there on the Internet. These video types help identify what exactly each of your videos are so that way users can make the best decision depending on what they are needing from your website. The more common types of website videos you’ll see are:

  • Introduction Videos
  • Help/Tutorial Videos
  • Product/Advertising Videos
  • Background Videos 
  • Video Testimonials 
  • Vlogs 
  • Culture Videos 

Introduction Videos

A common theme with today’s businesses is that they try to be more personable and relatable with their customers. This is done to help remove an image of just a business wanting money out of those people. Introductory videos usually talk about a business owner and their team and how they work to help their customers. It leaves those customers with a good impression of the business, which can lead to them coming back. You will commonly find these videos on homepages and “About Us” pages. 

Help/Tutorial Videos

Many businesses that sell products or services tend to try and help answer any of their customer’s questions through the use of a FAQs section on their help page. Some of these answers come in the form of video content. These videos are commonly categorized as “How-tos” and “Tutorials” to best help a person solve their issues. These videos can be pretty detailed, or just provide a general overview of the problem and how to solve it. Whatever the case, these types of videos tend to provide value for any customer who needs them. 

Product/Advertising Videos

Product and advertising videos are commonplace on many business websites that sell products and services. These videos are aimed to provide customers a good understanding of how these products or services will benefit them. With this knowledge, they can more make up their mind about whether to move forward with making a purchase. Be sure that this video is honest and markets the best part of your product. 

Background Videos 

Background videos are just that, videos that play in the background. These videos typically consist of time-lapses and logo animations. They are meant to let users know what website they are on, who they are potentially entering business with, and have a unique experience. Background videos may be seen as just filler content, but they serve a good purpose. They can give your website that extra oomph that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack.

Video Testimonials 

Video testimonials are essentially a way to get current clients and customers to recommend your business to others. These testimonials usually involve the business recording a real customer talking about their positive experience working with the business. The formatting consists of asking the customer or client questions such as, “What made you decide to try out our product? What did you like about it? Did you get the results you wanted from it?” These questions and answers paint your business in a more positive light and encourage more people to try that same product or service because of the validation. 


Vlogs are a cost-effective way to record a video for your website. Sure, having a nicely produced video that looks both professional and sleek always looks good, but sometimes it is good to make a video straight from your camera or smartphone. Why do you ask? Well not only is it cost-effective to just record something like a day in the workplace, but it makes your business more personable. It shows that there are people in it who care about their customers and will do anything to ensure they are satisfied to make sure they keep coming back. 

Of course, every business that is hiring will want to give candidates an idea of what it is like to work in your company. That is why there are websites that have careers and job pages. These pages are meant to get qualified candidates to apply and cultural fit is an important part of it. 

Showing these candidates how your team works and what a typical day looks like can help determine if they would or would not be a good fit with your company. This can help you not only hire the most qualified candidates, but one who will fit in well with your company.

There are many different types of videos that you can use on your website. The hard part is finding which ones can benefit your website more, and which ones won’t work as intended. This is where it can help to determine your video placement. 

Video Placement

Video placement is a key part in getting people to view the video of course, but ensuring that those views drive more high-quality leads. You can’t just place a video on a random page on your website and expect it to get high engagement and views. It isn’t that simple, as you need to place them in strategically strong locations on your website.

For example, let’s say you’re a business that deals in setting automotive parts. You just finished recording a how-to video on replacing brake pads and rotors and now you are trying to find out where you want to place the video. You look at your homepage and say to yourself that maybe I can place it here. Of course, you can and sure you’ll get views, but would it get as many views as if you placed it on your brakes page or even FAQs page? People on these pages might be more receptive and appreciative of the video since it is relevant to the page they are on.

Proper video placement can help a video go from getting little engagement to higher engagement. That is why you should get to know your website and audience first before placing or even recording videos on and for your website. 

Use Videos To Enhance Your Written Content

When people think of website content, they might think of just written content and any pictures or graphics that are paired with them. Written content does make up a ton of content on websites, which is why you should use videos to enhance your written content. Your audience and your website will both thank you for exploring that option. Let’s dive into why you should use video to enhance your written content. 

Videos that are paired with your written content can make your videos more lively and drive more engagement on that page. Long gone are the days of websites that are filled with long-winded paragraph texts and static images. Today, many websites have videos paired with their written content. It creates a better website experience for the user and can make your content more easily digestible. This can help it potentially be distributed on other avenues of your business such as in social media.

With social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you can create video content that users can engage with and link them towards the actual written content if they want to dive a bit deeper into the topic at hand. You can drive more organic traffic to your website as these people will find value in your written content. 

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Benefits Of Incorporating Video On Your Website

Don’t miss out on the benefits of incorporating video content on your website. Many businesses use videos to help their website engagement especially since 1/3 of online activity is spent watching a video. This means that there are potentially lots of benefits for your website if it has video content on it. Some of the benefits are:

  • More traffic to your website
  • More engagement with your other content
  • Cost-effect depending on what type of video you are creating
  • Make your business more relatable and personable
  • Give candidates a look into your work culture and work day
  • Gives users a better website experience 

With all of these benefits, you should try and begin incorporating video content on your website if you haven’t already done so. With the right videos, and right video placement, you can hopefully begin seeing more people visiting your website, and more leads making conversions on it as well.

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