8 Ways To Building Client Trust
Jonathan Rodriguez
May 6, 2021

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Building client trust is probably the most valuable asset that any employer can have between them and a client. Without trust, you can potentially lose out on a client that may go with another business for who they have more trust for. Don’t lose a client simply because the trust isn’t there. You need to put in the work to earn and keep their trust.  

Your clients and your relationships with them should always be given priority no matter what. A mad client or one who is simply disappointed with how your working relationship has progressed will likely have nothing but bad things to say about your business once they decide to leave. This can trigger a bad word of mouth sequence that can make it more difficult to get new clients.

Simply getting clients to sign up for your service or purchase products isn’t where you should stop your relationship with them. Like all other good relationships, it takes time and care to ensure that you get the best results you want out of your working relationships. That is why you should always work on building trust with clients. 

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Clients Should Come Before the Process

Just like I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t let work take priority over-attention to your clients. Think about it like this. Let’s say one of your clients has a complaint about one of the products they just purchased from your business. The client tries to call the business, but no one picks up. They try calling again, then again, and then again but to no avail. Due to this experience, that client might lose their trust in your business and can lead to them taking their business elsewhere. You will want to avoid providing this type of negative experience to your clients. 

Clients shouldn’t just be an afterthought for your business, rather they should always be the priority as they are a valuable and important part of your business’s success. Your clients have to be nurtured and cared for over time, which means you have to put in the energy and time to ensure that they are satisfied with the work you’ve done for them. The key to helping nurture this relationship is to have that trust with them.

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8 Ways to Build Trust

Trust is needed for any business that is working with a client as it can make or break how successful the working relationship is between the two. If there is no trust between the business and the client, then work efficiency will be reduced and there can be many disagreements that can be had which can lead to a toxic relationship that no one benefits from. That is why you should look for ways to build trust with your clients. 

Here are 8 ways you can build trust with your clients. 

Establishing and Maintaining Credibility  

One of the main parts of maintaining trust is by establishing credibility. There are many businesses out there that say they are experts in the field and promise many things, but how many of them hold that end of the bargain? With a quick google search, people can now determine who they should go with to address their problems. A business that has been negatively perceived as untrustworthy might be passed upon for a business that has more credibility.

Be Consistent

One of the best ways you can go about maintaining that trust with the client is by being consistent with all the work you are doing with them. Yes, there might be some days where the quality of work isn’t as good as it was the previous day or two, but don’t make it a habit. Instead, try to always deliver consistently high-quality results to those clients. In turn, they will begin to trust you more with their current and future projects and won’t always be “micromanaging” your every move to make sure things are done correctly. This can lead to both the business and the client developing a long and fruitful relationship.

Show Them That You Care

One of the things you can do that goes a long way in terms of building trust with your clients is by showing that you care. What does this mean exactly? This means that you will try to show those clients how much they mean to you. This can be something simple like a thank you card for their long loyalty to your business, or something more extravagant like a gift with a cake to let them know that you appreciate their business! Don’t treat your client as just a walking stack of dollar signs.

Address and Fix Any Errors On Your End 

As a business, you might run into some issues that you may have caused or are out of your control. Good businesses strive to ensure that these errors don’t happen, but when they do, it can be pretty easy for them to get defensive against any accusations. Instead of immediately going into defensive mode, the best thing to do is to call the client and tell them that you will work to fix this issue. This not only tells the client that you will work hard to ensure that the problem is fixed ASAP, but also that you care about them and want them to think you are reliable. Don’t make an issue and not fix it. Instead, do whatever it takes to resolve the issue to ensure your client keeps coming back to you. 

Surprise and Delight Your Clients

A big thing you can do to earn your client’s trust is by surprising them with great work. Of course, great work is always expected whenever you work on a project for a client, but there may be a time where your work may go above and beyond what is usually expected. These surprises tell the client that they can trust you to deliver exceptional service and work based on what they saw from the project that came out better than what they expected. They now know that they won’t ever be disappointed in your business. 

Don’t Favor One Client Over The Other

It may be easy for you to start prioritizing newer clients over your older ones, and you should avoid exhibiting that behavior. All of your clients are important clients no matter their differences. Whether they are big or small, or some pay more for your services than others, you must treat each of them with the same amount of attention and respect. Don’t neglect other clients who don’t pay as much as your more recent clients. They all pay for the services that you provide and want to make sure that they are getting the best value from them. If one of your clients finds out that your business has been neglecting them for another client, they can end up stopping their work with you. 

Understand What The Client Is Asking From You

A key part of building trust with anyone is knowing that you can fully understand and comprehend what exactly they are wanting from you. Think about a logo design process for example. You schedule a meeting with your client and talk to them about what they are looking for in their logo and how they want it done. During the discussion, you keep asking them questions to make sure what you are going to create is in line with what they want.

If what you keep asking and show doesn’t fall in line with what they are looking for, they might lose their trust in you to get the logo that they want. You have to pay careful attention when clients are asking you what they need to resolve. When they trust that you fully understand what they are asking from you, then they can have more trust in you in the future and give you free rein on a new project going forward. 

Share Testimonials and Reviews

To get a client to trust you before they even sign a contract is a huge plus for your business. They are comfortable with assigning you a project enough to let you run off with it with a few simple details. The client will appreciate the job effort you put forth since they know you can get the job done correctly. This is only possible though if you can gain their trust right off the bat.

So, how do you gain the trust of a client? Well, a great way to start your working relationship with your client on the right foot is by sharing with them testimonials and reviews from current and previous clients. These reviews will tell your client that other clients have entrusted your business with various tasks and enjoyed working with you throughout the process. This can help reassure your clients that they are in the right hands. 

These are 8 ways that can help you build trust with your clients. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you improve your relationship with current clients, and start you off on the right foot with new ones in the future. 

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Deliver Delight

It can be pretty easy for any business to just get sucked in on the business side of things at hand and forget about the people that you are doing this work for. Take a breather, and pay better attention to your clients and realize that they are people as well that need to be appreciated. Nurture your clients over time, and you can hopefully earn their trust.  

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