CX Improvements You Can Make This Year to Remain Competitive
Jonathan Rodriguez
July 16, 2020

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Providing a great customer experience is an essential part of any business. If you provide your customers with bad customer experience, they are likely not going to do business with you again. Customers want to do business with a brand that provides an excellent customer experience throughout the entire process. You must satisfy all your customers’ needs to keep them happy. Losing a customer can be costly since it is more expensive to look for new customers than it is to retain them. This is why it is essential to try and provide the best customer experience possible every time, and for every customer. Providing them with a better experience than your competitors can keep them returning for a long time.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

The customer experience (CX) is what your customer thinks about how your company is treating them. If a customer has a positive CX, then they are likely to be a returning customer. If the customer has a negative CX, then they are more likely to leave a negative review, which can be detrimental to your company’s revenue and reputation.

To find out how to improve your customer experience, you must get to know your customers’ needs and wants. Learning to understand their needs can help in providing a more personalized CX during their buyer’s journey. Providing a positive customer experience will always lead to better retention and loyalty from your customers.

Ask for Feedback

Asking for customer feedback is an integral part of improving your customer experience strategy. Do not just ask for positive feedback from your customers, but also ask for constructive feedback. Positive feedback lets you know what your customers appreciate about their experience. However, constructive feedback can provide insight into what your business can improve.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve and grow. To obtain feedback, you can conduct customer satisfaction surveys with questions about their customer experience. Other forms of acquiring feedback include checking your social media accounts and seeing if there are any mentions about your company, conducting online polls, and even directly asking for feedback in person. Feedback is essential to any business looking to improve their customer experience and can help make your company better as a result.


Communicating with your customers is important during the buyer’s journey. Communication lets customers know that you appreciate them. It is important to relay to your customers if there are any updates regarding your company and/or its products. You can answer any questions they may have regarding your company as well, whether it is by phone, web, or even via email.

Emails are a popular way of communicating with customers as they are easy to curate and quick to send. The content of your message to a customer must be relevant and helpful to them. For example, a customer looking for a new lawnmower is not going to need an email advertising a new leaf blower. Make sure the content is something of value to them. Communication is crucial as it can help you understand the needs of your customers. Understanding their needs can help you in developing a more tailored message.

A Better Mobile Customer Experience

Everyone is using their mobile devices these days to check out new products, developments, and browse through websites. While it may not have been necessary to prioritize developing a mobile-friendly version of your website about 10-15 years ago, now, more than ever is the time to provide an excellent mobile experience for your customers.

According to Sweor, “57% of customers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.” You must have a mobile-friendly website nowadays to stay competitive as mobile devices count for about 52% of internet traffic today according to Stat Counter. A website that is not mobile-friendly can turn off a potential customer and lead them to leave your website for good.

Think about a time you had to pinch and zoom to see the text on a website. It was a bit frustrating, right? That is why providing an excellent mobile experience to your customers can increase their overall satisfaction with your company. Your website also must be aesthetically pleasing, have a good layout, and provide good content. Navigating a website that is difficult to get through can turn potential customers away from your business. Sweor says that 38% of customers left a website if they found it unappealing and difficult to navigate. Making your website mobile-friendly goes a long way in providing your customers a better mobile experience.

We offer two web design solutions that will improve your customer’s experience if you need help developing a mobile-friendly version.

Providing Self-Service to Your Customers

Many customers like to look for a solution to their issues by themselves before they turn to someone else. A great way to help them in that area is by providing various resources they can use to resolve any issues they may be experiencing. Blogs, videos, FAQs, and chatbots can help answer any of their questions before needing to talk to an actual human. Sometimes, we like to find solutions by ourselves, especially if it is something that has an easy answer.

Chatbots can help direct you to an answer or even answer a question themselves. Blogs are a useful resource that provides informative content that can answer questions you might have. Videos are an engaging way to help your customer with their issues by providing guides and walkthroughs to those issues. FAQs have answers to most of the common questions a company receives. Why spend a couple of minutes talking to someone describing the problem you are having when you can quickly look for that answer in their website’s FAQs? It can get a bit frustrating being on hold for a couple of minutes for a solution you could have easily searched online. Sometimes, you have to think like a customer to find ways to give them a positive CX. 

Reward Your Customers

Last but not least, you can reward your customers. Rewarding your loyal customers lets them know how much you value them. This can also lead to a positive source of word-of-mouth. Rewarding your customers also helps keep them loyal to your company as customer retention is always important, now more than ever. You can reward your customers with various items to thank them. Those items could range from coupons, giveaways, guides, and many other options!

Rewarding your customers based on reaching certain milestones, taking a survey, or even just for buying an item can be beneficial to your business’s reputation and can increase revenue. Think about a time a restaurant gave you a coupon for a free entree after reaching a specific point limit. Did you take advantage of it? Of course, you did because who doesn’t like FREE food! Rewarding your customers is essential for nurturing that business-customer relationship and generating positive word-of-mouth. 

Important to Provide a Better Customer Experience

As a business, your customers and clients are essential to your overall success. If they have a negative experience, they are less likely to return. Try to make sure that all your customers are satisfied, so that they keep coming back and spreading positive word-of-mouth about your company. A loyal customer is a must for any business looking for new leads. Always strive to provide the best customer experience as it can eventually lead to a good return on investment in the future.

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