Ways A Rulebook Will Benefit Your Business
Jonathan Rodriguez
July 9, 2020

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The Rulebook is essential to any business looking for help in their marketing and branding efforts. It’s important to know who you are and who your customers are to make the most efficient marketing strategy with the best return on investment. You do not want to spend time and resources targeting the wrong customers. You want to target the right buyer persona as they are your ideal customer that can benefit from using your product. They are also most likely to consider your business when addressing their problem. In the end, it is better to have a small group of the right people getting your product than a larger group of the wrong people.

How to Speak to Your Customers

It is essential to know how to speak to your customers, so they can relate to you and develop trust. Make sure you speak to them in a voice that they can understand and relate to. If you talk to them in a way they do not understand or find appealing, you will often end up pushing them away. Make sure you communicate with them about their issues, any questions they have, and tips you think can help. This helps nurture the business-customer relationship leading them to come back to you for future problems and possibly even recommending your business to their friends or associates.

Determine What Your Buyer Personas Need

Knowing what your buyer personas need can help you develop a strategy that is both personalized and tailored for that persona. You can ask your audience questions about any issues they are currently experiencing, what they are looking for, and other questions of that nature. When you find out what problems they are experiencing, you can start reaching out to them and educating them about your company and/or product. 

During the awareness stage of their buyer’s journey, customers are looking for information to better understand their problem and how to fix it. You can help them by creating content, such as blogs, social media posts, and videos, centered around the problem that provides possible solutions. Creating content based on the needs of your buyer personas will make them feel heard. Helping your buyer persona in the buyer’s journey can lead them to consider your business in the decision stage.

Target the Right Buyer Persona

Targeting the right buyer persona is crucial to any marketing strategy. You want to dedicate your resources to targeting the ideal customer. You don’t want to waste valuable time and money marketing towards people who aren’t going to purchase your product or service. That is like casting a net in the ocean to catch fish and ending up with a mix of fish, urchins, and rocks. What are you going to do with the urchins and rocks? If you are trying to target everyone, you are only going to end up with a few who convert, and they might not even be the customers you are looking for! 

You need to understand your buyer personas’ goals, problems, what platforms they use, and so on. Understanding your buyer persona is necessary to formulate a strategy to reach them, educate them, and provide them with a solution to fix their issue. Check out some of our resources that can help your business!

Find Out What Platforms to Use to Reach Your Buyer Personas

Your buyer personas can be using a wide range of platforms. One of the leading platforms is social media. Social media platforms can help you reach your buyer personas by showing what they like and who they follow. Asking your audience questions is also essential to determine if you can help them or not. This can help you zero in on your buyer personas and start reaching them to provide a solution to whatever issue they are facing. Being able to utilize social media effectively is an essential skill if you want to reach your buyer personas.


Facebook is a great platform to look at what your target buyer personas like and how they respond to brand messages. You can have a better grasp of what they do and do not like, as well as how they communicate. Another advantage of using Facebook is the business page. Having a business page on Facebook provides you access to analytics, such as engagement rates and people reaching out, that you can use to understand what type of content your buyer persona is looking for. Facebook is an excellent tool for any business to have, especially when starting out.


Twitter is another social media platform that your business can benefit from using. It lets you directly engage with your audience to answer any questions they have as well as announcing new products or blogs. You can show off your creative side on Twitter by coming up with posts that set you apart from your competitors. Your posts and content can be serious or light-hearted, depending on who is your target buyer persona. Actively engaging with your audience can help nurture that business-customer relationship.


Depending on your business, you can turn towards Pinterest as a platform to reach out to your buyer personas. Pinterest lets you see what topics your buyer personas are looking for. Use this information to create content. That way, they can look towards your business for help with their problem.

For example, if your business is more cooking or baking oriented, and your buyer personas are cooks or bakers, then you can use Pinterest to post pictures of food that they can make using your items. They can click your post to find out where they can get the necessary items to recreate the food that was displayed within the Pinterest post. Coming up with ideas that your audience finds appealing can lead them to reach out to you!


Instagram is a huge social media platform that has many opportunities for you to reach your buyer personas. You can see what posts your audience likes, who they follow, and who they are. Without even asking a single question, you can get a feel for who reflects your target persona. Therefore, you must create an Instagram account, or any social media account for that matter, to have more success in reaching them.

You can also use Instagram as a voice for your company showing off the company culture, why you do what you do, and how you can help your buyer personas. Your page can be filled with various posts and videos detailing what is going on in the company as well as how you help people solve their problems. This will give your buyer personas an ideal introduction to your business.


LinkedIn is a great source to reach out to your buyer personas and increase your brand awareness. You can find out who your buyer personas are connected with to gauge how much they know about your business and what other companies they find interesting. Do not worry too much about your tone on LinkedIn as it is a more formal social media site. You can create a more formal post on LinkedIn with content that your ideal buyer persona will find interesting and informative. Connecting with your buyer personas on LinkedIn can lead to developing, not just a professional relationship with them, but also with the people they are connected with.

Conclusion Of The Rulebook

Knowing what platforms your buyer personas use will let you allocate the proper time and resources to each of those social media platforms to reach them. The Rulebook can help develop your ideal buyer personas; that way, you focus on reaching out to them in the most efficient way possible. Do not waste time trying to get everyone to your solution; instead, put the time in to find the right people who can benefit from it.

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