Fundamental Elements of a Landing Page
August 20, 2020

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When you click on an ad that is advertising something you are looking for, you inevitably end up on a landing page. On this landing page, there is usually information about the company or product, links to order the product, and forms you can fill out. So, what is a landing page? 

In simple terms, a landing page is where you land immediately after clicking on a link. A landing page may redirect visitors to a blog post, the home page, lead capture pages, or anything related to the company. More specifically, when it comes to online marketing, a landing page is a page designed to receive and convert traffic on online marketing campaigns. The content on these pages is usually made by the hosting companies or content creators and is intended for specific marketing campaigns.

Some of the content and actionable items you can find on a landing page include: 

  • Making purchases
  • Submission of lead forms
  • Making calls
  • Using chatting tools to reach out to others
  • Email lists and newsletter submissions
  • Event registration

Having this kind of content on your landing page can help drive lead conversions. Now that you know what a landing page is, let’s explain when you should use one.

When Should You Use a Landing Page?

To attain high promotional levels, you need a landing page. You can easily convert website visitors to leads, and this is done through message matching tools or the attention ratio criteria of 1:1. To achieve an attention ratio of 1:1, you must have one goal and one action available on your website. Having too many action options on your page can decrease your ROI. 

  1. To get an attention ratio of 1:1, you should use a landing page that will help you convert your site visitors to leads with one CTA.
  2. For enhanced navigation, you need a landing page that will encourage the customer to go through your website when needed. With this, visitors can easily find their path on your website, which will drive more traffic.
  3. When you want to create a promotion that targets subscribers, you will need to use a landing page to get more traffic to your blogs and newsletters.
  4. Using keywords in your landing page header can convert visitors to leads through message matching.
  5. You can communicate with customers through promotional offers. Use a landing page to create pages for people that can sign up for your plan.
  6. If you are a merchant or eCommerce marketer, a landing page is ideal for your business to give customers an idea of what you are offering.
  7. Landing pages are ideal for running campaigns across many traffic sources and a wide range of channels.

Elements of a Landing Page

After learning about what a landing page has and its uses, you need to learn about its features. The essential elements for a unique design of a landing page are widespread and include:


Many online marketing firms use above-the-fold content, and it’s a term that was stolen from the newspaper industry. It refers to the original content that a user will see after opening a newspaper. In online marketing, it describes the content in the top 600 pixels.

Above the fold contents are the first things users see on the page. It is an essential element as it contains important headlines that give customers more of an overview of a landing page.


There are various types of headlines that companies can use to sell their products. Headlines need to be written in a way that customers can easily understand or solve. Some supporting headlines are essential in giving your audience better clarification of what the main headline entails through more details.

Through a compelling headline, you can attain your goals easily by maximizing your landing page resources. You can also implement the use of a hero shot. Hero shots give the customer an image of what it would be like if they bought your product. This encourages them to purchase your product if they feel it will be of great benefit to them or their business. 

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Many landing pages use a CTA feature to let visitors know what action they should take. It generally helps in boosting conversions and directing the audience to take away something from the website. This can be done by having your CTA say something like,  “Contact us today for an exclusive offer!” 

Show the Brands Benefits

Through landing pages, you can easily entice customers by showing them the benefits of what you are offering. This is where you can tell your audience how they’ll benefit from purchasing your product as well as any key features.

Social Proof

The landing page needs to have social proof that lets people know what other people think of your product. Things such as testimonials and customer reviews are great ways to give your product social proof. This makes it much more enticing and credible to visitors on your page.

A Reinforcing Statement

You should have a reinforcing statement in the middle of your landing page to help visitors remember the purpose of the page. This is essentially like a second header reiterating why the visitors are there.

Benefits of a Landing Page

There are many benefits to having a landing page. Here are a few important ones: 

  • Having a landing page helps in supporting your business goals as a business owner. The niche you are specializing in can grow and thrive when you are using landing pages. This enables you to reach out to target markets and wider audiences. Through this strategy, you can get one step closer to reaching your business goals.
  • You can gain more insight and data generation through landing pages. This helps in your campaigns and lead generation strategies. The insights you get help in understanding your target audience and improve the overall efficiency of your business.
  • Through landing pages, you can quickly grow your email list and get prospects with links that turn leads into customers.
  • You get high credibility as a business owner. By satisfying the clients, you increase your credibility.
  • You can enhance your brand awareness, and this benefits your business through consistency in social media marketing strategies. That’s how you build good relations with your clients and succeed in your online marketing strategies.


Landing pages are crucial to any business looking to drive traffic and convert prospective leads. Creating a page that is both appealing and informative to your lead will increase the chances of them converting. Try creating a landing page and see how it can benefit your business.

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