How Powerful is Using a Mascot for Branding?
Jonathan Rodriguez
September 24, 2020

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Having a mascot to use as an ambassador for your company or product can be very beneficial. A brand mascot gives your company a face to stand out amongst similar businesses and represents your brand. Of course, all of this only applies if you know how to utilize a mascot in your marketing efforts. Knowing how to utilize your brand mascot successfully can be a very powerful tool for your company.

Purpose of a Brand Mascot

When you think of a mascot, you probably think of people dressed in anthropomorphic costumes like a cardinal or a tiger promoting a business or service. While these are good examples of what it is, it doesn’t have to be a costume. It can also be an online brand character. That means it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a physical form; rather, it can also be found on your website or online accounts.

Now that we know what exactly a brand mascot is, what is the purpose of having one? The broadest answer to this question is that it serves as a brand ambassador to promote your company and any of the products and services it offers. Having one can give your business a unique and distinctive identity that can help you stand out among your competitors. A brand mascot can be the missing piece that makes your brand different.

How Would Your Brand Incorporate a Brand Mascot?

Your brand can incorporate a mascot in various ways. If you plan to market your business at a conference or convention, having one to promote your business can drive people to visit your store and website. Think about the many times you’ve been walking around a convention and run into one. It probably made you curious to find out more about that company and what it does. It can be a great return on investment if it drives more people to your business.

Another way your brand can incorporate a brand mascot is through your company’s social media. It can be a very valuable asset in your social media marketing. You can create unique infographics that involve it. It can also self-promote whatever it is that you are promoting. It seems more organic to go through this route instead of you trying to promote your brand. Because you are using it in your social media efforts, it gives your company a face that makes you more relatable and shareable. This can lead to people passing the word along to their friends and family to check out your company. 

One more way you can incorporate your brand mascot in your marketing strategy is to engage with your audience. This falls back to social media, but whereas your company didn’t have a personality or a face, now you do! They are ambassadors for your company, so it makes sense that you want to use them when engaging with your audience. You can use your brand mascot to respond to any questions your audience may have. They will likely engage with it rather than just with your company alone. 

Can Mascots Improve Your Marketing?

Brand mascots can definitely improve your marketing! You can use them anywhere where you are marketing. Whether it is marketing in person or online, there are many ways you can implement them in your marketing strategy.

As a whole, your brand mascot will give your company a unique identity and personality, which makes it easier to connect with your customers. No one wants to communicate with a company that lacks an identity and personality. A mascot is an actual representation of your company and its beliefs. It is just more customer-focused rather than solely internally focused. This helps it bridge that gap between you and your customers. Having a ‘face’ for your company makes you look more trusting and relatable. This emotional connection that your customers develop to your brand can be very good for your business. This more personable appearance can lead to them returning to your company again for business in the future. 

A brand mascot can be a very cost-effective way to improve your marketing. You don’t have to always spend money on an actual physical costume for one, and even if you do, it doesn’t have to be pricey. Instead, you can have one that always appears on your social media posts as well as your website. It is entirely under your control, so you can send out whatever message you want that helps promote your brand.

Having a brand mascot can give your brand more visibility. In today’s digital world, it is pretty easy for your company to get lost in the sea of similar companies. This is where having one can be very advantageous in your marketing efforts. Having one presents many opportunities for you to market your brand. In-person, it is pretty hard not to see one. People can take pictures of it and share them on their social media accounts. This can lead to people recognizing your brand, which, of course, can then lead to them visiting your store or website. 

Online, a brand mascot can be used as sort of a second option or primary option. For example, you can post pictures of it meeting people at different places. From there, you can use the online version of it making it say, ”Check out where I’ve been!” This gives it the appearance of an actual living thing, which is more appealing to customers. People can share the posts of your mascot at different places, which can lead to it potentially becoming viral!

By using your brand mascot in various parts of your marketing strategy, you can reach out and engage with more customers than you ever would’ve thought. 


Brand mascots are used today to give many companies a unique identity and distinctive personality. They can help them stand out and improve their marketing strategies in many ways; they didn’t think possible. They leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers and target audiences. Why not take full advantage of having one for your company?

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