How To Translate Your Online Audience Into Foot Traffic In Your Store
Jonathan Rodriguez
October 4, 2021

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Picture this: You’re a business that specializes in selling products in a store. To market your business better, you decide to use digital marketing to get your name out to potential customers. You gather many leads and have garnered a lot of interest, but now you are unsure how to translate that online audience into foot traffic in your store. What do you do with that online audience?

If you spend that much time marketing your business, you want to ensure that foot traffic increases in your store. Without it, you just basically spent time and resources to gather interest, but nothing after that. So it helps to know some of the tips and tools that can help turn your online audience into foot traffic in your store. 

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Building An Online Audience

A vital part of the digital world is building that online presence. It is essential to create this online presence as it can help you build a loyal online audience. This online audience might be interested in the products or services you are offering. Because they’ve shown interest in your products, then they might be more inclined to make a purchase. 

You can’t afford to build up an online audience and not convert it into foot traffic in your store. Your store is where you make most of your revenue, and if people are not flocking towards it because you don’t know how to guide them, you might be losing out on a lot of money. So don’t let that mistake slow down your business’s growth. Instead, learn how to translate your online audience into foot traffic in your store, and we are here to help you do just that. 

Tips and Tools To Get Traffic In Your Store

The time and resources you spend on your marketing efforts can all be for naught if you don’t capitalize on the exposure and the leads you get from it. Unfortunately, some businesses might not know how to proceed when they have built up this online audience, so they just let it sit. Instead of sitting on potential new customers, we are here to help you drive them to your store. Below are some tips that you can use to help get more foot traffic in your store. 

Provide Online Shopping

Having an online version of your store, especially if your store sells catalog-friendly products, can potentially drive more foot traffic to your store. Think of it like this. You are the owner of a shoe store that wants to increase foot traffic. You know you have many people interested in your items online; why not give them the option to browse online? You can not only have another avenue to generate revenue, but some customers might view it as a catalog and encourage them to visit your actual store to try on the shoes. Those customers might be scrolling through the different designs you have and might want to look at them in person before they make a purchase. Give your customers a reason to shop in your physical store. 

Using “Calls-To-Action” To Generate Interest In Your Store

If you are only driving foot traffic to your store, you may utilize calls-to-action on your website. These calls to action can include signing up for an email newsletter. Inside this email newsletter, you can have coupons and deals that those customers can use at your store. It may be a BOGO or take 20% off their first in-store purchase. The email offers give your customers an incentive to visit your physical store. Another call-to-action you can utilize is including your store location if they want to see more of your products. You can create a link to your address that potential customers can click to get guided directions to your store. Plus, it gives you another analysis to track as you can see how many people are clicking for directions to your store. 

Make Your Store Look Appealing

Many of us have visited a store that isn’t pleasing to the eye at one point or another. Whether it was just dirty, or the store itself wasn’t presented nicely, you were likely left with the wrong impression of the store and ended up not purchasing anything from the store as a result. Store presentation is an essential part of driving foot traffic into your store. If you are in an oversaturated industry, you may want to consider presenting your store in a manner that makes it stand out. That doesn’t mean you should just put something together that is “different” but looks like a mess. Organize your products in a way that makes them look presentable and make sure your store is cleaned from the inside out. Include possible signage on the outside with content that will drive more customers to your store such as, “New Deals On Products.” 

Work With Influencers

If people like your products, they might be more likely to recommend your business to their friends and family. People recommending your business to other people is a simple form of word-of-mouth marketing, but you can reach higher than the usual family and friends. With the proper research and negotiation, you might be able to find someone who has a large following and is willing to market your products on their social media feeds. These people are influencers, and you can work with them to drive more people to your store. For example, they can walk by your store, take a picture, and post it on their feed. Depending on how large of a following they have, their followers can view the post and get more interested in visiting your store. Influencers can also market your products by leaving a review of them or simply showing them off. Then, they might say something amongst the lines of, “and I found this awesome shoe at this store.” In this case, it would be your store, and now people might be inclined to check it out. 

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Utilize Your Online Presence 

Driving foot traffic in your store can be difficult without the proper knowledge of getting your online audience to visit your store. So if you’ve taken the time to create that online following, then make sure that they know you have a store and guide them to ensure that they have the opportunity to visit it. Here at WunderTRE, we can help you market your business online. So if you are looking for that extra hand, then contact us here to get started.

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