The Complete Guide to Delighting Your Customers
Alex Masterson
February 5, 2020

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When you consider customer delight, what are the first things that pop into your head? This may include a variety of answers, but the answer should be something we can all agree on. Customer delight in the purest form is the ability to surpass expectations and create a lasting experience with your customers. When you surpass high expectations with things such as promotions, outreaching interactions, and discounts, you delight your customers and make them more likely to repeat business with you. By making these experiences awesome and delightful, you can create an emotional connection and sense of brand loyalty for the long-term benefit of you and your customers. We offer several solutions to create a better experience for anyone who interacts with your brand. But in the meantime, the following are some easy tasks to implement to help amplify a greater customer experience for more delight.

Customer Success

This seems like a simple enough task, right? Just make sure your product or service makes a customer happier and that it gives them a better experience. While that is true, it helps to break down the process that helps cover all that can make a customer’s success that much sweeter. When someone buys your product, ask yourself “why are they buying this product?”. By getting a full understanding of what people need from a product or service that you offer, you can find the common denominator in what they do and don’t like about products like you offer. When understanding this, you can eliminate any unnecessary pain points that can cause frustration in the buyer’s journey. By creating a buyer persona for your customers, you can provide the best possible experience for them to better delight them.

Hear Out Your Customers’ Feedback

We all know that it can be difficult to hear back from customers that have a negative response about any aspect of your business. However, with any feedback (yes even negative feedback) you can push your company to grow for the betterment of your customers and your business. Negative feedback shouldn’t be taken personally, so don’t tune it out! A rule of thumb to remember from negative feedback is that no matter the outcome of the conversation, this can be used to push you or your company forward and grow by learning from mistakes. By listening to feedback, you provide a customer with a sense of empathy, and people are generally happy to see that you’re caring about their inconveniences, which means a more delightful experience.

There are plenty of online tools that can help you manage customer feedback, so you can manage their experiences better. One of the tools we recommend is Hubspot’s Customer Feedback Software. This will help you get a better feel for customers’ experiences and help research what can maximize their good experiences.

Solve Customer Problems

All companies strive for this point, so it’s arguably the most vital point in all of this blog. When a customer comes to your business, they’re looking to solve an issue that they currently face. But just offering them a solution with your product or service doesn’t always solve all of their problems. With the product or service, it should come with great customer care. By hitting both of these targets, you are providing your consumers with great service and a solution to their problems. One way you can delegate some of the workarounds is by having chatbots and a customer knowledge base. With these tools, you can eliminate some of the preliminary, generalized questions to help direct them to the right place for their inquiry, thus leading to more delight. 

Be Energetic

We’ve had interactions with someone who just wants to leave for the day, and doesn’t care about your customer experience. That creates a lesser impact on customer experience. So this one is simple; be happy to help! When a customer interacts with a positive team member, they’re much more likely to recommend your product or service. So enthusiasm makes the experience better!

Be Unexpected

When you’re interacting with a business, and you notice that they have a special discount just for the item you need, doesn’t that feel awesome? Now we’re not saying exclusive offers and heavily discounted items are the only things that is unexpected, but things like that have proven time and time again to be effective in boosting customer delight! Take a company like Stickermule for example. A company that offers a really cool product and at already reasonable prices just recently had a sale on their holographic stickers. Now some people are comfortable with a 10%-20% discount. For a limited time, Stickermule was offering their holographic stickers for 75% off! That’s a great way to be unexpected and double down on some juicy customer delight!


Make people that you interact with feel like they’re part of your group! By including them in some of your practices, letting them know about projects you are working on, or just conducting satisfaction surveys, you can make your interactions with customers actually benefit them. That doesn’t mean just people from your company have to provide people with information. By incorporating a community, customers can help each other learn about products that you have and if it’s right for them. A good place to manage these things is social media. The majority of your users already have a social media account. Including them in on some of your offers and products through social media can be a great place for interaction. 

Considering some of these steps has proven beneficial to many businesses. And some may work differently for you than others do, but the important thing is that you should want to enhance your experience by taking some of these tools and factors and using them to the best of your ability. Customers will notice you making a positive effort to boost your experiences, and will appreciate your efforts! Give these things a shot and let us know how they work for you.

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