How Consistency Impacts Marketing
Ryker Taylor
February 25, 2019

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Consistency is one of the most important factors that would determine how successful your marketing would be as a small business. Yet, many small businesses today do not pay as much attention to this. Many would like to pretend this is not true, and there is a good reason for this.

You see, being consistent with your marketing effort isn’t exactly a bed of roses. It requires a great deal of discipline and accountability. It also requires a solid system that helps ease demand. If you are going to be doing this, there must be very good reasons.

In this article, we will be sharing them with you, as well as what you can do to help improve your consistency. Let’s start with the reasons:

Why Is Consistency So Important

Awareness And Visibility

If you really want to build powerful brand awareness and visibility, consistency is non-negotiable. This is the first result of marketing your small business brand consistently. By consistently showing up, your target market gets to see you more, and this exposure and visibility will keep your brand top of mind when they need the kind of service you render.

Trust And Credibility

Since your brand gets more awareness and visibility due to consistency, the more your brand stays on top of your market’s mind, the more familiar it becomes. According to a report by Global Banking And Finance Review, 71% of buyers tend to trust and buy more from a brand they are familiar with.

You have to understand how vital it is for you to consistently reiterate your brand promise to your target market. If you can’t be consistent with your marketing, there is no way you can prove that you can be trusted to deliver.

Brand Loyalty

Gaining the full loyalty of your customer is one of the best things that could come out of all your marketing efforts. The lifetime value of a loyal customer is way more than those who made a one-time purchase. Yet, it is easier said than done. It takes a whole lot of work to make your customers loyal to you.

Depending on how competitive your industry is, you may have to fight hard for your bite of the market share with bigger and tougher competitors. With the level of competition, your target market has a bigger choice, and it would take some work to really win them over.

However, you don’t have to be overwhelmed. A small business with a consistent marketing strategy can give bigger brands a run for their money. Consistency gives your brand a massive boost and speeds up the process for you. You will be able to win the loyalty of your customers faster and these loyalists may even help spread your brand message.

Higher Rankings On Search Engines

Any small business trying to rank well on search engines have to be really consistent with their marketing. This works great for all types of marketing. When you are consistent with your social media marketing, for example, you tend to do better on search results.

It is easier to trend on social media when you are consistent. The impact of such a trend can be tremendous. For example, when you trend on social media, this shows that the social sharing and engagement of your business page must be high. According to separate articles by Moz and OptinMonster, this is good for SEO.

But this is not just about social media. This also works on your website blog. If you have a web page with 10, 30, or 50 static pages, you can only write a finite amount of information about your company and its products or services. In most cases, this content is static and never changes or practically never.

If on the other hand you have a blog or news section and create a weekly article, this would mean 50 new pages per year. These pages will have fresh and current content with information that users are looking for. In addition, Google highly values ​​this fresh and relevant content and will show your blog in prominent positions of its search results.

Do not forget that with each article and an additional page that you create on your website, you will generate new traffic that you would not get with the rest of the content you have.

Staying Relevant And Relatable

Consistent marketing allows you to connect with your customers on a higher level. When you consistently market your brand over a period of time, your brand voice would become recognizable.

By developing a brand voice and sticking to it across all the different platforms, you cease to be a faceless business. A good way to get interaction with users through your marketing channels is by offering them current, useful, educational or entertaining content that they want to distribute or promote among their friends or followers.

Keeping Your Market Interested

Many small businesses hurt their brands unknowingly when they don’t consistently market it, especially if a pattern is expected. One of the best ways to keep your target market interested is by sticking to a schedule and delivering. Consistency makes sure your customers and prospects are properly served.

If you drop off and your customers lose interest, it may be harder to get their attention again, because there may be other competitors just waiting to whisk them out of your hands. People don’t pay attention too much anymore, and loyalty can be fickle if not properly courted.

Useful For Any Marketing Channel

Generating new and relevant content is beneficial for the rest of the communication channels and for the company in general.

If the company is doing a specific marketing campaign for radio or television, someone can call attention and search the advertisement on the Internet, it can be very useful to have an article on the blog or a post on social media talking about it or going deeper into the campaign or promotion.

How To Stay More Consistent       

Knowing about consistency is one thing. Knowing the things you can do to make this easier and more efficient for you is another. In this section, we will be sharing the two simple ways to help you with this. Here they are:

Create A Content Calendar

The power of a content calendar cannot be overemphasized. With a content calendar, you can plan the content you want to put out there weeks or maybe even months in advance. This way, you don’t have to create new posts on the spot. All you really need is a spreadsheet.

Having a calendar allows you to better identify the efforts that provide results. A content calendar allows you to do routine checks, make regular adjustments, and better organize yourself to track what works.

But that is not all. Identifying the key moments to publish in social networks is of great importance if you really want to improve the impact of the content. Are you aware that there are days when the engagement may be greater or that there are times when your audience is more active?

In addition to the days and hours, there are also important dates that a brand cannot miss to be present, such as New Year, Christmas, etc. A content calendar helps you ensure that those dates are not overlooked and that the content is planned in advance. This is even more perfect if you want to create specific offers for such days.

Remember that a good content calendar should always help you to better develop the content strategy, reduce the time it takes to execute the content marketing strategy, allocate resources better, maintain consistency, and generally organize the way you create content.

Schedule Your Content In Advance

This is another great tip that would help you make your marketing efforts easier. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to post, only to get carried away by the business of the hour, you can have everything scheduled in advance. That means that, no matter what you are doing at the moment, the content still gets published.

Luckily, there are so many apps that could help you. Scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite can be really awesome for your social media channels. Blogging platforms like WordPress don’t need an additional tool. You can just schedule the posting from inside your dashboard.

For your email marketing, most newsletter services have autoresponders, and also allow you to create campaigns and schedule when they would be sent out to your customers. This is even more efficient for time-sensitive information.

Bonus Tip

By the way, here is a bonus benefit of consistency…

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