Company Culture: Why It’s So Important
Jonathan Rodriguez
May 20, 2021

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When it comes to having a productive and efficient work environment, nothing beats company culture. Why company culture you ask? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Company culture is important because it helps create and maintain an organizational environment that keeps your employees happy and productive. This leads to happier clients as the quality of work your company produces can be much higher than it would be if the employees weren’t as engaged. 

Without the right company culture in place, your productivity and efficiency might drop to a less than desired level. This dip in productivity and efficiency can negatively impact your clients as well. Remember, your clients are also an integral part of your team. Be sure to build a company culture that is strong, maintainable, and productive.  

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Company Culture Builds Strong Teams 

An environment where you, your employees, and your client all win sounds great right? Then why do some companies make the mistake of not having this winning formula? It’s because their company culture isn’t strong, or they simply have the wrong pieces at play. A healthy environment helps build strong teams that work together in a more efficient and productive manner.

So how does a company culture build stronger teams exactly? Well, according to some statistics, it is very important to the majority of candidates. Approximately 46% of candidates cite company culture as an important factor during the application process. What does this mean for your company? Company culture is a huge deciding factor in a candidate’s job search. If it’s important to future employees, it should be even more important to you.

According to one study, about 24% of employees will quit a job they deem has a bad culture. For example, say your company is beginning a new round of hiring. An important thing to take into consideration when looking through the candidates is finding the right cultural fit. Unfortunately, in this case, you may be hiring just for the most qualified candidate. Yes, a qualified candidate can fill in some immediate gaps, but you also want to retain this candidate. If they decide that your culture is not a good fit, you lose valuable time and resources you’ve spent during the hiring process. 

Company culture is very important to not only future employees, but current employees you want to keep invested. Keeping your employees invested will also strengthen the bonds they have within your team.

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Reasons Why Company Culture Is Important

Company culture is important for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons are retention rates, job satisfaction, and work efficiency. But company culture is much more multifaceted than that. It defines your entire business identity, cultivates a healthy team environment, generates happier employees, and builds connections with team members. Company culture will even have your team advocating for you when you’re not in the room. Consider the following for details of the importance of creating a healthy work environment.

It Defines Your Business and Its Identity

Your culture defines your team and how clients and customers perceive your company. If your culture is centered toward providing a great product, but not a great customer experience, then clients will perceive your business as more product-oriented than people-oriented. This can be a negative attribute to have some clients who prefer to have a good customer experience ALONG with a good product experience. 

When creating your company culture, remember that your employees aren’t the only ones who are part of it. Your clients and customers are just as important. Build a culture that is mutually beneficial so you can have good working relationships with them. 

A Strong Company Culture Helps With Retention  

One of the biggest obstacles many companies face every day is the ability of which they retain their employees. Each day, many employees leave their jobs for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is because of the work environment. Company culture is very important to the people that already work with you and have bought into your brand. Without the right culture, you risk losing valuable employees who’ve done excellent work and have built rapport. 

If an employee believes in your company’s culture, they are more likely to be more engaged when completing tasks. They will take pride in their work as they start to take pride in their job. This is in stark contrast to an employee who thinks of their job as just a 9-5. They don’t buy into the company culture, so they might not be putting forth their best work. 

It Helps Cultivate a Healthy Team Environment

Are you facilitating a team environment? Or does the company environment feel competitive and overwhelming? With a great company culture set in place, employees can feel more motivated to do their best. They get along with their fellow coworkers and don’t feel like they are just a fly on the wall. 

A culture that stresses the importance of deadlines might not be ideal for every employee. Strict deadlines might get the job done but at the cost of the well-being of your employees. Don’t let employees sacrifice their health for their job. Ensure that your work environment gives them the flexibility they need to succeed.

A Great Culture Means Happy Employees  

Under a great company culture, employees do their best work and are more productive. As a result, this leads to a higher quality product for clients. Employees feel they have more incentive to work when the company culture rewards them for their efforts. If they don’t have that incentive to work, then they don’t have the incentive to work hard. 

To prevent this, a strong company culture must be set in place. Start by looking into recognizing team members for their hard work. They will feel a sense of achievement when they are being recognized as a team member. An open-office policy should be put in place to improve communication. You employees should feel comfortable communicating and working with the other members of your team.

Your Employees Become Advocates When They Believe In Company Culture

With a good company culture set in place, employees will go out of their way to advocate working for you. This can be of big help in the hiring process. They can give candidates an idea of what your company’s work-life is. The transparency gives candidates a direct insight into your company culture. They can then more clearly decide if the new relationship is mutually beneficial.

During your hiring process, consider inviting current employees to participate during interviews. This will give prospective candidates more insight into what a typical day looks like. This transparency can help those candidates determine if your company culture is a good fit for them or not.

It Builds Connections With Team Members

A company culture that everyone on the team buys into can help make that team build a stronger bond. That stronger connection also means they will take care of each other when work needs to be helped. When these bonds are built, you’ll start to see your team striving to make your company’s vision a reality.

Building a strong connection among team members is important, especially in our new hybrid work environment. It may be more difficult for remote workers to make connections while working from home. Because of this disconnect, engage those workers with team-building exercises. Encourage building that connection among them, whether they are working remotely or in the office. 

There are many reasons why companies should invest the time cultivating and maintaining a strong company culture. This shows how important company culture is to success. Take a look at your company’s culture and see what you like about it, and what you might consider changing. 

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What Does Your Organization Bring to the Table?

Your company culture is unique to your organization and your organization only. It helps you stand out amongst your competitors in the ever-increasing world of business. Make sure that your company culture is something that you can be proud of. Decide if it represents what your business is all about. It can change the perception of your customers and clients of how they perceive your business. 

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