The Importance of Consistent Branding
Jonathan Rodriguez
July 9, 2021

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Branding is an important part of any brand’s image. It is what helps people identify who you are and what you do. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Target all thrive with their consistent branding. People immediately recognize those brands since they are seen across all media and platforms. It reinforces the brand awareness that many businesses try so hard to generate. 

Businesses may fail in their efforts in generating brand awareness due to inconsistent branding. Branding is very crucial to every brand that wants to separate itself from the pack. If all brands were the same, then none of them would stand out. That is why consistent branding is always important. 

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What Is Consistent Branding? 

To put consistent branding under one definition is fairly simple. It is how a brand delivers its message across all of its platforms and media while being aligned with its core values, mission, and logo. Consistent branding ensures that your brand’s identity and message get further reinforced in the minds of the people. Whenever they see, hear, or read something that your brand has sent them, then they will immediately recall your brand. 

Brand awareness is one of the main reasons why businesses market themselves with consistent branding. Generating brand awareness increases brand recognition and recall, which can lead to nurturing loyal customers in the long run, and generating new ones for the future. Of course, this can eventually lead to business growth. 

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Why Use Consistent Branding? 

Consistent branding is an integral part of business longevity and relevancy. For example, think about the times you’ve gone shopping. Chances are that you more than likely buy name brands such as Kellog, Target, Great Value. The reason for this is that people associate name brands with being good. People may buy the name brand Coco Puffs rather than a generic brand since they think Coco Puffs taste different, in a good way than the name brand. This results in people mostly only buying Coco Puffs instead of generic brands like Great Value.  

If your brand doesn’t have enough awareness generated around it, then people are likely to skip over your brand simply because of the lack of name value. That is the same reason people buy Nike shoes over generic branded shoes. The name value associated with it has much more value and signifies a more luxurious status. With consistent branding, you are making sure that people know who you are and what your identity is. Only then will people start frolicking towards your brand for your products and services. 

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Tips For Consistent Branding 

To succeed with consistent branding, you must know how to use it to your advantage. Many brands may be trying to utilize consistent branding, only to find out that they are not using it correctly. To ensure that you know how to utilize consistent branding in your marketing channels and across social media platforms, we’ve curated a list of tips for you to get an idea of what you can do to set up your business with branding success. 

Utilizing Consistent Brand Visuals

One of the most important things to take note of when sending messages and content to your audience is utilizing the same, or at least similar, branding visual content in them. Let’s say your branding colors are blue, gold, and green. It wouldn’t make sense to, in a marketing email, use colors outside of that. It can throw users off when they notice that the colors aren’t representative of what your brand is. Not only that, generating brand awareness might be difficult if you are constantly changing up visual features. This can set your brand awareness generation back a bit as people might find it more difficult to recall. 

Using Your Brand’s Voice

When people read your promotional and marketing material, they get an idea of what your voice is. The tone that you use in your first message is what sets the standard going forward whenever they receive any future messages. If someone’s first email to read from you had a more jocular and laid-back tone, and the most recent one they received has a more serious tone, then they might be wondering if they are messaging the same business. Yes, sometimes your brand’s tone might change on a follow-up email for an overdue invoice, but on all other content, use the same voice that people will grow to recognize. 

Being Prepared for Changes

There is one factor that all businesses must prepare for and that is change. Branding falls under those factors. As your business grows and evolves, so does your branding. The best way to ensure that you’re prepared for these changes is by keeping up with market trends. Not only does your branding have to change, but you must make sure it is adaptable so you don’t have to retool it completely from the ground up. Make sure your branding is scalable and able to accommodate the needs of your market. With it, during these changes, people will still be able to recognize your brand. 

If you use these tips, you can learn how to properly use consistent branding in your marketing strategies, as well as learn how important it is to use it. Don’t just create a brand that you start to stray away from in your content. Make sure it is something that represents your business and the people in it to give your brand that unique voice it needs to set itself apart from the competition. 

Trust In Consistent Branding 

As people come to recognize your brand and get a picture of what it is, then some sort of trust may begin to develop between you and them. With consistent branding, your loyal customers will recognize your brand wherever they see it. Heck, they might even recall it from content or material that looks similar to it. Having that trust with your customers is very advantageous especially in today’s market. It increases your brand value and cultivates a positive brand image. Start using consistent branding across all your content and platforms, and you can potentially reap some great benefits! 

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