Customer Service Determines Customer Experience
Ryker Taylor
May 28, 2020

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Customer service is the essence of any business. No matter from which industry you belong, as long as you are managing to offer excellent customer service, your business will likely survive and flourish. But what do we mean by customer service? Does it mean only to be courteous to your customers, or does it require more?

Let’s dive into discussing why customer service is vital for your business and how you can achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

What is customer service?

Customer service is assisting or providing direction to a customer that is interacting with your business. Excellent customer service ensures that your customer feels appreciated, valued, and prioritized. Now, let’s talk about why your business should always practice exceptional customer service.

Why Business Needs Quality Customer Service?

Businesses are always looking for ways to grow, whether it be through promotional offers or advertisements. However, quality customer service is an inexpensive way to promote your business through word of mouth from your customers.

Customer loyalty is a crucial factor in the success of a business. Take a look at it this way, no matter how many promotions you offer or advertisements you create, if the customer has a poor experience with your staff, then you may lose a repeat customer and any of their potential referrals. Did you know that it costs a business less money to retain a customer than to attract new ones?

Excellent customer service will generate positive word of mouth and, thus, help the business gain new customers without investing extra money. If you can increase customer loyalty, then you can also enhance the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), which is a significant metric to determine how much a business can earn from a single customer.

Tips To Grow Customer Satisfaction

As we’ve already stated, quality customer service plays a significant role in overall business success. But, how can you ensure the customer’s loyalty and retention? Are there any tips or tricks that can help a business increase customer retention? 

The answer is, yes! Below are some of the tips and tricks for your business to effectively provide quality customer service.

Know about their needs and wants

Hearing your customer is not enough; you have to listen to them to deliver quality customer service. If you don’t pay attention to your customers, how else are you going to know what they need? Listening to the customers’ feedback is crucial in determining what actions you must take. 

Be responsive

Listening to your customers’ feedback and complaints is not going to help you grow your customer satisfaction, unless you respond to them accordingly. Response time is a critical factor in customer satisfaction. 

The longer you take to respond, the less valued a customer feels. Make sure your customer service processes allow for prompt response timing to your customers. Responding to customers regarding any query or complaint quickly shows your business values its customers.


We are living in the age of automation, and it proves to be convenient in many ways. However, when it comes to customer service, automation is not what a customer seeks. Try to include a human interface in your customer service to deliver your clients with more satisfaction and personalization. Instead of using FAQs or company policies, try to solve the customer issue personally to ensure satisfaction.

Happy employee ensures a happy customer

Employees are the asset of any business. Having the right team by your side gives you the competitive edge to gain more business through dedicated service. While rushing towards achieving customer satisfaction and delight, don’t forget about the people who are providing it on your behalf. If your employees are happy with your business, they are most likely to exercise that with your clients as well.

Building brand awareness

When the customer feels that he or she knows a business on a personal level, they are more likely to be a repeat customer. Building brand awareness is one of the key ingredients in building customer satisfaction. 

The more a customer knows about your brand and your business values, the more he/she is going to trust your products and services. You can use various social media platforms to get in touch with your customers, or you can access your clients personally through emails. You can also choose to share informative articles, business events, and updates to keep your clients informed about your business.

Train your staff

While serving customers, all employees should be on the same page. Businesses should craft specific rules for the customer service department to make sure everything is performed consistently across your employees.

Make sure your business is hiring the right people for the customer service department by asking relevant questions during the interview process. Additionally, make sure to arrange regular employee training and development sessions to keep everyone informed on the latest techniques in the customer service industry.

Go the extra mile to deliver quality customer service

Delivering customer service is about being courteous when contacted by the customer. But more than that, it requires you to be there for the customers without them asking. Suppose if your potential customer asks you about a particular product, instead of pointing them towards the aisle, lead them to that specific product and wait if they need further assistance. Similarly, if a customer comes to you with a particular complaint, make it a priority to resolve the issue without any further delay.

You can also implement proactive customer service. Proactive customer care requires the business to take the lead and ask the clients whether they are satisfied with the products and services or not. Reaching out to customers on their experience with your business induces a sense of trust and loyalty.


Every time a customer walks into your business, he or she is expecting guidance and assistance. If the company has a firm customer service policy in place, you are more likely to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations. If you need assistance on how to provide a better customer experience, we have created solutions to solve your problems. Let us help you build a better experience for anyone who interacts with your brand! 

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