Avoid These Top 6 Customer Experience Mistakes
Ryker Taylor
May 11, 2020

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Customer experience, commonly referred to as CX, can be described as a customer’s complete experience interacting with your business. These interactions could be in the form of customer service, navigating your website, and delivery of purchased products. Creating an excellent CX for your brand or business influences your customer’s approach, and it can also determine whether they will come back.   

Benefits of Good Customer Experience to Your Business

Good CX can propel your business to higher levels in the following ways.

Good for Competition

Keeping up with the competition in today’s business environment requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. You need to come up with unique strategies and work on different areas that will ensure you have the edge over your competitors. One area you need to improve on is how you interact with your customers. Creating a better experience for them when interacting with your brand or competitors will help you cope with competition in any business environment. 

Increased Loyalty

Creating a better experience for your customers is also vital in building loyalty. A high number of them will be pleased with the kind of services you offer. You are going to retain your clients when you follow or implement the required measures that improve their experience. The type of trust they develop in your brand or business creates more loyalty.

More Recommendations

Loyal customers who have had a positive experience with your business may recommend it to their friends, family members, and other people. This could be directly through word of mouth or indirectly by posting positive reviews on your website and other platforms. Getting a high number of recommendations is vital in boosting sales and profitability in your business. You will have more clients coming your way.

Customer Satisfaction

Creating a quality experience for your customers will leave them satisfied with your service. Customer satisfaction is essential for brand reputation. You will get positive reviews from those who buy from you or get your services. Customer satisfaction is also essential for loyalty and increased sales in your business. This is because most satisfied clients will recommend others to your business. You should create a good experience for your customers to enjoy these benefits. 

Customer Experience Mistakes to Avoid

Customers play an essential role in the growth of your company. Without them, you will be counting more losses. You should create a good CX in your business to retain your customers and attract more. Some of the little mistakes you make can harm your brand or business to a certain extent. The following are common customer experience mistakes you should avoid.

Poor Communication

Communicating is one of the best ways to engage with your customers. You will get the kind of feedback you need from them, and you can use it to improve your business. Communication also helps you understand customer needs. 

You can come up with effective measures from the feedback you get. Make sure your communication is excellent to engage with your customers as required—the kind of language you use matters. You should use vocabulary or terminologies your customers understand better. You also need to communicate clearly using the right tone. This will create an excellent customer experience.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

This is a common mistake most businesses make, and this profoundly affects the customer experience. Most companies choose to ignore negative feedback or criticism they get from customers. But, that can affect the reputation of your brand. You should always be ready to handle both negative and positive feedback from your customers. 

This will help you know areas you can improve on and different things you should do to leave customers satisfied with your service. At times, you might find it difficult to reply to all your clients because of the overwhelming feedback you are getting. Look for solutions that match your business needs by allowing you to respond to your bigger target audience. This will help you reply to all the feedback you get.

Few Communication Channels

Most customers are likely to buy from businesses they can reach out to easily when faced with challenges. Limiting the number of communication channels in your business makes it difficult for new and existing clients to reach out to you. This contributes to poor CX. You should make sure there are more communication lines and keep them open. 

Make good use of the different inventions that are available in this digital age. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the channels you can use to communicate with your clients. You should also use email, call lines, text, and web chat options. Make sure they are open 24 hours a day to stay in touch with your clients and improve their experience buying from you.

Not Valuing Customer Privacy

Privacy is essential when dealing with your clients—exposing them or their details when interacting creates a bad experience. A perfect example is telecom companies that reply to customer queries. There are times one might be forced to share details like phone numbers, mobile money balance, or transaction statements. 

Doing this in the public domain is breaching customer privacy. This applies to other businesses that deal with customer information. You should opt for private options like sending or sharing such details through direct messaging. Sharing or using customer information without notifying them is another thing that can create a bad CX. You need to value their privacy to keep your business on the right track.

False Promises

There are lots of things customers may request you to do to improve. They may touch on the quality of your products or the services you are offering. Implementing measures to improve the quality of products or services you are offering can require time. You have to convince your customers to wait for a specific period for the new improvements. Giving out timeframes is essential. Your clients will know the right time to expect what you have promised, which is vital in managing their expectations. Under delivering or not fulfilling the set promises can affect the relationship you have with your clients, and some of them will walk out. You should fulfill the promises you make to improve your CX.

Making Assumptions on Customer Preference

This is another common mistake most businesses make. You should understand that not all clients are the same, and you will come across various people with different preferences. Quality service has a different meaning for multiple clients. You will come across those that want brands that respond immediately and attend to their needs directly. 

What may seem like excellent customer service to one client can be a nagging experience to another one. A perfect example is updating some of them through a stream of messages or emails. You need to understand your clients better to come up with proper methods that improve how you interact with them. The other option is looking for solutions that allow you or your clients to customize the kind of customer service they need from you.

Avoiding these mistakes will keep your business on the right track and boost profitability.

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