4 Services to Improve Your ‘X’ Now
Ryker Taylor
July 30, 2020

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‘X’ stands for the experience that everyone has with your brand. To improve your ‘X,’ you must look at all areas of your business to develop a well-rounded strategy. We recommend a 4-dimensional approach to enhance your ‘X.’

Brand Creation 

Developing a strong brand identity is critical for the development of your business. A company has to distinguish itself using a consistent symbol or design as their brand identity.  In this technological era, branding is essential to leave a lasting impression on consumers’ minds. 

Branding can create an image of how people see your brand and drive new opportunities for your business. Having a recognizable brand creates the impression of being experts in the industry, which leads to consumers developing more trust in your products or services. Advertising is linked to your branding, and a strategic advertising plan will benefit your business tremendously.

Website Design and Development 

Having a user-friendly website design is crucial to a business’s growth and success. Designing an eCommerce website that represents your business and is aesthetically pleasing are two factors that play a significant role in the ‘x’perience your visitors have on your website. If done correctly, this will lead to returning customers.

Your website may be the only means a potential lead has of accessing your business. Developing new tools for your website that make the customer’s ‘x’perience more enjoyable is a high priority, especially for your out-of-state or possibly, international customers.

Customer Support Options

In today’s world, customers want instant answers to any questions they have on a particular product or service. A lot of people would rather find answers to their questions on their own without having to call support. Therefore, having several options for consumers to find their answers is important, whether that is through a chatbot, reviews, articles, emails, social media, etc.

Automated chatbots are good at answering expected questions. However, if the question requires a human response, having the ability to alert a customer support representative is also important. Why? Because customer inquiries must be addressed within a specific time frame, or the customer will get impatient and frustrated.

Make sure your business has multiple ways for your customers to find answers to questions or be helped by a representative in a timely manner.

Improve Your Customer ‘X’perience 

There are four aspects to consider when looking to improve your customer’s ‘x’perience.

  1. Context: Ask your customers questions to be able to provide relevant answers. Pushing content is important, but the context of that content is even more important.
  2. Priorities: Understand the needs of your customers to identify what their priorities are at the moment. This will help gain your customer’s trust by prioritizing their current needs.  
  3. Strategies: Once you find out your customers’ preferences and priorities, strategize on how to offer content that provides solutions to their problems. Using the data and information you obtained from surveys, social media poll counts, and blogs, you can create personalized content that shows various solutions. 
  4. Tactics: Do not spam your audience with products and services they will not have any use for. An ideal business-customer relationship focuses on their needs. Try and use tactics that will provide them with valuable information about their problems and how you can help resolve them.

Inbound Marketing 

The inbound methodology is about growing your organization by developing long-lasting relationships with customers.

The inbound methodology adopts three strategies:

  • Attract: Attract the attention of your target audience with valuable content that they will find beneficial to them.   
  • Engage: Engage your buyers by presenting them with solutions that can resolve their problems. 
  • Delight: Delight your customers long after their purchase by communicating with them to keep them happy and loyal to your brand.  

Marketing, of course, plays the biggest role in engaging your customers. Different types of strategies, such as event marketing, paid ads, blogging, and participating in social media panels are all great ways to engage your target audience.

Any investment you are going to make in inbound marketing will be highly valuable for the future growth and success of your business. As soon as you can improve the customer’s x’perience within your organization, your business will begin to flourish.

Bottom Line 

The world is entering a new digitization phase, so entrepreneurs are trying new trending approaches to help improve their customer’s ‘x’perience. Happy and satisfied customers can take your business to the next level!

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