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What is #Winternet? It’s a combination of “win” and “Internet”–with a hashtag added for seasoning (also, for ease of social media sharing). So #Winternet represents “winning the internet”! Achieving “#Winternet status” isn’t difficult. Not with WunderTRE, anyway.

The #Winternet package is simply our three core services–our social media management, ad campaign, and website services–combined into one winning package. We call this “attaining #Winternet” because these services combined provide a benefit greater than the sum of their parts. Simply put, using these services together will yield the best possible results for where you’re at.

But wait! If you’re looking to attain #Winternet status, it’s too dangerous to go alone! Well maybe not dangerous, per sea, but we want to give you every opportunity to succeed. That said, your #Winternet package will soon come with a dedicated account manager. This account manager does more than wait for your phone call. They’ll actively seek out ways to improve your business, your marketing strategy, and your current services. Whether they recommend adding, cutting, or revamping an ad campaign (for example), they are there to help you trim the fat and accelerate your online growth. We’ll keep you posted on this powerful feature.

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