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Established in April of 2016, WunderTRE has one clear goal in mind: to help businesses “Grow Online”. We are a team of passionate people who want to make the world of digital marketing simple and easy to access. We provide the tools that help take your business to the next level! From websites that are built to convert and social media campaigns that make your business look great, to ad campaigns that increase visibility and emails blasts to your contacts…we have your back. Since we started we have helped over 40 clients step up their online game. We have learned a lot in a short time and strive to be a leader when it comes to the solutions we offer. With 15+ years of combined web design experience and a plethora of industries we’ve worked with and in, we’re sure there’s something we can offer you and your business that can help you succeed.

The People Make Us Who We Are

Ryker Taylor, Owner

All The Teams

3 Fun Facts:

1). He looks like a country music fan, really he’s a metal fan.

2). He’s 5′ 8″, but eats like he’s 7′ 3″.

3). He doesn’t like being called “Bud”, or “Buddy”.

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies&Cream

Favorite Color: Red

Charity Taylor, Solutions Manager

Sales | Social Media Team

3 Fun Facts:

1). She has owned a dance studio since she was 16.

2). She’s married to our owner ;).

3). She loves binge-watching Netflix.

Favorite Ice Cream: White Chocolate Raspberry

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Matthew Hart, Solutions Manager

Sales | Branding Team

3 Fun Facts:

1). He’s a jazz drummer.

2). He’s a father of 4.

3). He can wiggle his ears.

Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter

Favorite Color: Red

Hope Kostedt, Solutions Manager

Sales | Social Media Team

3 Fun Facts:

1). She memorized the first 99 digits of pi.

2). She knows how to drive a standard.

3). She can fit her whole fist in her mouth.

Favorite Ice Cream: Red Velvet

Favorite Color: Black

Adam Walton, Solutions Manager

Sales | Account Manager

3 Fun Facts:

1). He’s a bass player.

2). He can dance (Like Ballet type dance).

3). He can make strange sound effects.

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

Favorite Color: Blue

Brittany Meredith, Team Member

Branding Team

3 Fun Facts:

1). She really, really loves photography.

2). She wants to be in a musical.

3). She wasn’t able to think of 3 facts…..

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Color: Blue

Daniel Lane, Team Member

Web Team

3 Fun Facts:

1). The first car he learned to drive had its brakes fail. (He didn’t crash, though.)

2). He owned his first computer at 2 years old but played his first computer game at 3 months old.

3). He can raise his left eyebrow.

Favorite Ice Cream: N/A; Hazelnut frozen yogurt is where it’s at!

Favorite Color: Blue

Happy customers.

"Thanks so much"

Let me start off by saying that I had built a website for our church before Ryker and his team at WunderTRE took over. I thought that I had done really good job until I handed the reigns over to them. After initial changes, I was astounded to see how much better it looked. We sat down to discuss some more of his ideas for the website and I was blown away by his knowledge of websites, search engine optimization, and relevant plugins for our church. We regularly get comments about how great it looks. Thanks so much!

Dallas Marley

Total Tea

The WunderTRE Difference

We get to know you. The first step to getting your branding right is getting to know the business behind the brand. We have a great system to make sure your brand’s needs are met online.

We come up with a marketing solution that meets your needs. We carry that out through your website, social media, ads, and any other services that we provide for you.

After the initial plan is in motion, we continue to refine and update the marketing strategy. Our services are not static; they are ever-changing. We always find fresher ways to do things!

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