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It’s safe to say that almost every business that is out there today can benefit from having an online presence. To some people, a website is just a sign for someone to see saying, “Hey! We’re here!” We see a website as a tool to increase your visibility, showcase your services and products, and act as a platform to make your impact on the world. Never has one’s ability to reach the whole world been so easily attainable. And yet, you know that not every online “solution” is a viable solution for your business. This is where WunderTRE comes in.

We design your website with your and your clients’ needs in mind. We know what works and what doesn’t. But because that in itself isn’t enough for us or for you, we also bring our extensive knowledge of online business solutions to your table, enabling your website to be more than online signage. Combine that with our powerful, yet affordable options and you have a deal that won’t be beaten–better yet, an offer that can’t be refused! (#businessgodfatherstatus)

Features For Days

When we design a website for you, we host it on our fast and secure hosting solution! We want to make sure your site is there for your customers all day, every day.
After we build your site, we give you a login to be able to make changes as you go along (should the need arise). We don’t limit how many users you can have!
Every site we build comes with an SSL certificate. We also run files through a CDN making your site faster and safer. We overbuild the site; we don’t overcharge you.
Getting to the top of Google is every business owners dream, right? Well you’ll have a better chance of ranking if your site is built with SEO and page rankings in mind from the start!

Simple Options For The Everyday Business

The One-Pager

$450 Up-Front, $10/month | 1 Page | Unlimited Users

When you need a solution that is less “roomy” than The Small Business yet is streamlined and simple, The One-Pager may be the option for you. This is a simple yet elegant option that will allow you to give a brief introduction to your business, yourself, or other entity. This is a great option for an online résumé, a “save-the-date” site for your wedding, or a personal business profile linking to all of your social media and networking profiles.

The One-Pager comes with…well…one designed web page. We also include a contact form for your clients and prospects to be able to reach out to you online.

The Small Business

$750 Up-Front, $25/month | 5 Pages (or 4 Pages and a Blog) | Unlimited Users | Additional Pages $100 Each

The Small Business is the new foundation for your online presence and digital marketing efforts. Almost everything else we do is built on this versatile package. Whether you need to showcase your products or services, capture leads, or have a place for potential/current clients to reach you easily, this package will help you accomplish every marketing goal you have–then have the potential to go even further.

The Small Business base package comes with 5 pages or 4 pages and a blog page (which can be used for articles, announcements, etcetera) tailor-made so that your business, message, and vision are seen in the best light possible. If you need more pages designed, we can adjust according to your needs. All of this comes with the high speed and high security that you need to get everything in front of your users and do so quickly.

The Sales Agent

$1000 Up-Front, $50/month | 5 Pages (or 4 Pages and a Blog) + StoreFront | 10 Products |  Unlimited Users | Additional Pages $100 Each, Additional Products $5 Each

This e-commerce package will get you up and running to sell sell sell! Whether you need to sell clothes, electronics, furniture, massages, or service packages–basically, if it’s legal to sell online, you’ll be able to sell it here. (Seriously. Legal things only, please.) If you are a life or health coach, massage therapist, shoe salesperson, or a brand that has apparel to offer, this is the option for you.

The Sales Agent base package includes everything in The Small Business base package plus setting up your online store with up to 10 products to sell. Again, if you don’t fit in the mould of this package, we can adjust it accordingly.


Throughout our combined experience as online marketing professionals, we have seen that the packages we have listed above are what fit the needs of most businesses and people that need a killer online presence. So what if you’re not “most businesses and people”? Or what if you aren’t sure what you need? We’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll work with you and build you a custom solution that has everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

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