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It’s time to take your digital marketing efforts outside the confines of your own domain name and into the domain that is social media marketing. Businesses can no longer afford to make this out to be a matter of debate. Marketing through social media is now necessary to maintain relevance in the ever-changing landscape of business marketing. Yet leveraging social media platforms to your advantage is much easier said than done as it takes plenty of research–and trial and error–to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Now for the good news: we’ve already done the research and gone through the trial and error for you. We’ve executed this know-how for many clients already, helping them win the social media marketing game. And we’re prepared to do as much for you and your business. You don’t have to spend the time and money necessary to learn about social media marketing tools and methodology when we already have it down pat. Let us do the work for you!

Gone are the days of figuring out what you’re going to post on your Facebook page this week. We give you quality, “fresh-from-the-oven” content that will establish and maintain your authority on social media for your industry. You have something valuable to offer; let us help you put your offering in the best light for all to see.

What Are The Features?

Sit back and relax! We’ll come up with the ideas and content for your posts so you don’t have to. And the graphics? We’ll take care of that too! We’ll do the legwork on the social media side of your business in a way that is engaging to your audience.
Typically, if you purchase a pre-written article, it is likely that someone else has bought it as well. We don’t deal with mass-produced articles. You can rest assured that our content will be unique and engaging. So you, your audience, and search engines have no need to worry: no copycatting here!

When someone is managing your social media presence, you should be able to see your own business account’s posts before anyone else. You can now review all content scheduled for future posting before it’s posted for your whole audience to see.

What Are The Packages?


Facebook, Twitter, Google+

$300/month + Tax

Needing a social presence that can engage your following and help get you ranked on Google? Look no further than The SEO. Each network in this package was hand-picked not only for the social capabilities, but because Google loves to see an active presence on these networks.

We’ll post fresh content to each network 3 times per week. We’ll also share/re-tweet other pages or followers 2 times per week.

The Millennial

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

$350/month + Tax

Are most of your clients younger? Then why not reach them where they are? This package does just that! It includes some of the most heavily trafficked social channels that 20 and 30 somethings use! In this package Facebook plays the role of the brand anchor, Twitter gets the conversation going fast, and Instagram showcases your products and services.

We’ll post fresh content on Facebook and Twitter 3 times per week, while your Instagram will get 2 new posts per week. We’ll also share/re-tweet other pages or followers 2 times per week.

The B2B

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

$300/month + Tax

You’re a business that sells to other businesses. How the heck do you market to them online? Simple. Lots of business owners use Internet searches and even social media to find things they need. (Think about it, how did you come to read this?) Facebook has a place in the B2B world. LinkedIn is the social network that was made for B2B interaction. Using Google+ will help you be easily found through Google business searches.

We’ll post fresh content to each network 3 times per week. We’ll also share other pages or followers 2 times per week.

The Picture Perfect

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

$400/month + Tax

Say Cheese!! If you’re a photographer or have a lot of picture-perfect products to show off, this is the package you need! This package is designed to target a mostly female audience ages 18 to 45. Each network in this package was selected because it’s the best way to get photos out to the public. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great for showcasing photos of your products in their best light.

We’ll post fresh content to Facebook 3 times per week, while we’ll post to Instagram and Pinterest 2 times per week. We’ll also share/re-pin other pages or followers 2 times per week.

The YouTuber


$800/month + Tax

Don’t forget about YouTube! YouTube plays a huge part in SEO as well as getting new content out for your brand. In the realm of online media, video content is king! Let us make your videos!

For more details on this package, please contact us!


What will you decide?

Needing us to manage a different social network (like Snapchat), a different combination of networks, or simply more posts per week? We can help you. We’ll be more than happy to craft a custom solution for your business!

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