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At WunderTRE we’re always looking to grow our team with hard-working, like-minded people! We don’t look for how many degrees you have hanging on a wall; we look for what you bring to the table. Do you have experience? Are you willing to learn and grow within our system? Do you want to be a part of something big and are you willing to accept the challenges that come with that? Can you adapt to ever-changing technology and processes to improve your workflow? Do you work well with others? These are the things that we look for because they are important to us! If this sounds like you then please take a moment to fill out our form! If we are looking for someone to fill the position you are seeking we will reach out and ask for more info. Otherwise, we’ll let you know. We don’t want to leave you hanging. We are based in Lubbock, TX but not everyone on the team lives there. So, depending on the position, it’s possible to work remotely!

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