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As someone who runs a business themselves, we realize just how big of an impact–whether positive or negative–that online advertising can have on your business. Running a business without capitalizing on advertising campaigns is like running a football team without capitalizing on wide receivers; while it’s not necessarily impossible to do, why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on such an effective playmaker?

At WunderTRE, we have excellent “wide receivers” for your business to capitalize on!

We are experts in leveraging advertising campaigns to increase your business’s exposure to your target audience. With our extensive marketing experience, we know what it takes for your business to win the web!

When an ad campaign doesn’t benefit you, you shouldn’t have to keep running it. So we won’t. We make sure your ad campaigns are fresh and effective. And when an ad campaign does benefit you, we help you capitalize on it!

As we advertise ourselves, we have a first-hand understanding of the importance of marketing to the right audience. When we help you advertise your business, you can be sure that the right potential customers are targeted.

What Do We Charge?

$50 + (Your Monthly Ad Budget ÷ 10) + Your Monthly Ad Budget = What You Pay

What Do We Offer?

Facebook Ads


According to Facebook, there is an average 1.37 billion active Facebook users daily. To put that in perspective, over half of the world population has access to the Internet. With access to such masses, we’re here to help you get Facebook advertising right!


Google Ads


With Google being the (wonderful) behemoth that it is, it can be a bit dizzying to find out what advertising services they offer–let alone determine the best way to advertise through their platforms. Whether through AdWords, AdSense, or both, we will help your business create killer advertising campaigns.


Custom Ads


We can help you run advertising campaigns in Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. If there’s another advertising platform you want to use–social media or otherwise–that isn’t listed here, drop us a line and we’ll look at the possibility!


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