Basic Branding Strategies to Build Your Business on a Budget

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If you are the owner or marketing manager of a business, you know how important it is to be perceived in the right way by your market. Branding is critical whether you sell products, services, or ideas. If you want to get the most out of your branding on a limited budget, it’s essential to use the right techniques. Otherwise, you could waste dollars and time and still not get the results you want. However, if you leverage proven strategies, then your bottom line can snowball:


Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest gifts to businesses today. Anyone can sign up for a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Youtube account for free. Then, you can pump out branding content in a limitless fashion to create the image you want for your company. Knowing exactly how to leverage social media for marketing is a nuanced art, but WunderTRE can help.



Branded clothing, apparel, and gifts can be a great way to promote your brand, and can even act as passive branding months after the giveaway. However, this doesn’t happen automatically or without strategic planning. Elevate talks about some of the pitfalls of this strategy: “One time I got a free frisbee from a parade. I think that it had the name of a local dentist on it. I was pretty excited about the frisbee. However, the first time I put it to work, I realized that that poor disc couldn’t fly through the air no matter how skilled the hand sending it spinning. That frisbee quickly went into the trash, and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Always opt for high-quality materials. People will hold onto the item for longer, and they’ll also associate your brand with positive feelings.”


Email Marketing

If you build an email list, you have a free branding channel. No one can tell you what to say or not say. Having this option gives you free reign to brand night and day directly to your consumer.



Many marketers – especially millennials – have largely abandoned television as an old-world, dead medium. However, according to Colling Media, “But this is far from the truth! If anything, TV is redefining its importance to audiences and advertisers with massive reach and familiarity as a trustful source to obtain information, news, and entertainment.”


Viral Videos

Imagine creating just one video that goes viral. The amount of attention and hype around your brand that you would garner could change your business overnight. While there is some upfront investment, it could pale in comparison to your returns.


Word of Mouth

This branding technique is the hardest to pull off but gives you the most favorable branding results if you are on a budget. The key is to focus on exceptional service and delivery of your promises. If you do this, your customers will give you free advertising by spreading the word to their friends.


If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to branding on a limited budget, you are not alone. However, just because you don’t have the pockets of a large corporation doesn’t mean you can’t brand like one. Use the tactics above and watch as your profits steadily grow from your unique branding approach

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